Breach Candy Hospital And Research Centre

Breach candy hospital and research centre




60 A, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai.

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  • Rated : 1

My sister in law was admitted to the breach candy hospital’s general ward for her treatment and the fee for the tests and the medicines was very high at the hospital. I found the staff and the nurses to be good but the consultation fee of the doctor was very high in our case. In the end, when the  bill came, the consultation charges were very much and we found it difficult to pay them off. And there is no concept of rebate at all over the final bill. When your family is admitted to a hospital and is under the consultation of the doctor, you cannot even argue with them. We paid them anyhow, but I won’t recommend the hospital to anyone who has only limited means.

  • Rated : 1

Breach Candy Hospital is not for a common man. This hospital has only one belief – to rob the money of a person by prescribing him with a lot of tests. Also, the consultation fee of the doctor is also very high in this hospital. When you protest against the additional tests, the doctor say that it is your choice and they should not be blamed for any complication in the future. Doctors also give you almost no time to talk to them and behave in an irritated manner if you are trying to take their time. They just know how to shove off the patients quickly and then they know how to make the most money via their fee and prescribing your unnecessary medications and tests. The doctors are not that good and the service is not for a common man.

  • Rated : 4.5

Good hospital. All facilities are good.

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