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Care and cure homoeopathic clinic


  • Skin Care, Homeopathic Clinic.

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Shop No. F-7, Manasi Apartment, Suvarna Nagari, Near Chintamani Veg Restaurant, Bibvewadi, Pune

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One of my friends recommended me to this clinic around five months ago. Since the age of 15, I had been suffering from the problem of acne and despite of going to many different clinics and doctors, I could not stop the breakout from happening time and again. After going to this clinic, I was able to observe a complete clearing out of my pimples within a month. The doctor was able to prescribe me with the medicines, soaps and as well as creams and advice in order to get rid of the pimples. When no high profile doctor was not able to treat my problem, ayurveda and Homeopathhy was able to treat it completely. The clinic is good and the recommendations and treatment provided by them was up to the mark.

When I went to the clinic a couple of years back, I met Dr. Asha there. I found her to be very friendly and she made me feel very comfortable during the entire course of the treatment. She was able to explain the disease to me in detail and the reason behind it as well. I was suffering from a digestive ailment and when I followed her treatment, I was able to get rid of the condition within a period of a few weeks. The doctor was very good. I would certainly recommend her to everyone.

I was not a follower of Ayurvedic medication and course of treatment. However, the diagnosis and treatment that was provided to me made me a firm believer. With the medication that was provided to me was able to help me get out of the condition within a period of mere two weeks. That is nothing as compared to the years that I spent going to different doctors and trying every other medication that they provided. My skin condition was completely cured by the doctors and since then, I recommend this clinic to every one of my friends due to their amazing service and quick results.