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Plot No. 3, Road No. 2, IT & Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

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  • Rated : 3

i am very much thankfull to Dr.rajashekhar reddy.K ( neuro surgeon ) for doing succesful surgery to my head. i am also thankful to Dr.G.suresh chandra hari for his timely advice. during my stay in the hospital after surgery myself and my wife felt that we are at home. our thanks are also due to the sisters,house keeping, who attended to me during my stay from 08-07-2016 to 14-17-2016.

                                                           V.SHIVA PRASAD RAO

                                                        RETIRED ASST REGISTRAR (ADMIN)

                                                            N.I.T WARANGAL

  • Rated : 1

Continental Hospital offers zero service to its clients. They would take up the patients for even small conditions such as fever and headaches and would require you to fill up long forms which I think is not even required. The doctors are not professional in the behavior and are often rude with patients. The tests recommended by them are not at all required in the first place. Also, the hospital takes a lot of money from the patients and in return does not feel to provide some of the basic facilities such as clean room, linen etc to the patients. This is very pathetic. The attendants and the ward boys at this hospital are also very rude and insolent.

  • Rated : 1

Though this hospital may have built up its infrastructure in the last couple of years, they do not have expert doctors on the roll. The doctors do not know anything about their field and on top of that the charges for the room are too much. The doctors do not communicate with the patients directly and consider it too low to explain to the patients the condition which is bothering them. The charges of the hospital are also very much. It cannot be afforded by a poor man of limited means.

  • Rated : 1

Don’t even bother going to Continental Hospital. It is one of those many hospitals whose main aim is not to cater to the patients but to loot the hard earned money away from them. The doctors are incompetent there. My aunt was suffering from high and severe headaches, we went to the doctor and he said that this is just high blood pressure and nothing else. Later on when things got more serious, we went to another doctor and he told us that she was suffering from Stage 2 Brain Cancer. Yes, that is the scene and the condition at the hospital. They have zero knowledge and with their inefficiency are even capable of putting the life of patients in danger. DO NOT VISIT THIS HOSPITAL.

  • Rated : 4.5

All the doctors are well experienced and effective. Its near to oue house so we prefer going to this hospital only.

  • Rated : 4

I found this hospital very good. I would like to recommend it.

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