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Central Ave, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

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  • Rated : 0.5

1. The people OPD Billing counter in Ground & First floor is always disturbed for appointments booking over phone or internal communication. Billing counter to be separated and to bemaintained without phone.

2. Prescription photocopy is being taken at Pharmacy to fix doctors not writing medicines where commission is being received from manufacturers. This will end up in  (a) Not writing correct medicines by doctors. (b) Patients not buying from hospital Pharmacy. Outside pharmacy gives 10-20% discount over medicines (c) Doctors unauthorisedly advising in a separate slip the correct medicine due to hospital restricions.

3. The lab results are varying from other lab reports. There is a variation of more than 500% in some test results and thus there can be an impact of prescription & dosage  

  • Rated : 1

I had the worst experience going to this hospital. The staff was not at all trained and was very rude and insolent towards the patients. The administration of the hospital is very pathetic and they offer zero services to the patients. You just have to run from one counter to the other looking for some help or even some support but in the end you get none.

  • Rated : 1

This hospital is just a money minting machine which is out there to loot the patients by asking them to conduct tests which are not even needed in the first place. They charge you even for the things that they don’t even do! For instance, my husband was admitted there for a minor procedure, but they made out a bill that even charged us for a heart test which he did not even need.They make wrong and inflated bills and do not pay even a bit of attention to the needs of the client as well as the economic condition of the patient. Pathetic service

  • Rated : 4

Good hospital.

  • Rated : 3

Very good hospital. Doctors and staff are very nice.