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Global Hospital, 439, Cheran Nagar, Sholinganallur, Perumbakkam, Chennai.

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  • Rated : 0.5

Worst hospital They charge more but have incompetent serviceThey wwere super quick to put a pic line n charge 20000but super slow to rectify it when it got blockedOne rradiologist came and asked for chest xray but no one came to even discuss further plan for few days After one week they want to put another pic line Choose ggood doctor n go if in this hospital but sell ur property n keep cash ready Another enews is that they charge double if you are foreigners and  even have separate area for Indians and foreigners in canteen like British had for Indians and British 

  • Rated : 3

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  • Rated : 1

If you are looking for a poor treatment service, then you can go to this hospital for treatment. Even before they have checked the condition of the patient, they are going to ask you to deposit a lot of money with them. Usually, a common man does not have that kind of money with them, but you will be asked to and even after that there is no guarantee that you will be served the kind of treatment that you truly deserve. Also, the consultation charges of this hospital are very high as compared to other hospitals. You will be burning a hole in your pocket by going to this hospital and there will be no use even after that.

  • Rated : 1

Global Hospital is one of the worst hospitals in Chennai. Right from the point when you enter the hospital you are welcomed with sour faces who are not sitting there to serve you and help you. They behave as if they are doing you a favor by treating you. And when you ask them any question they are not going to answer you properly. This I am sure of. Instead, they are going to charge you like hell and are going to make sure that you pay the money. These are not doctors but well educated goons sitting there. Do not go here and check with some other hospital which is better and good.

  • Rated : 1

Global Hospital is a complete waste of time. It used to be a good hospital once a time but no longer it is. They are just sitting there to make money out of anything and everything which comes their way. The staff of the hospital is very callous and knows nothing about respecting their clients. They do not listen to the complaints of the clients as well. The doctors are insolent and make you wait for a very long time before giving any attention to you at all. This is not a hospital that you should be wasting your time and money on. Not worth it.

  • Rated : 4

It’s one of the good hospitals in Chennai.

  • Rated : 4.5

Its a very good hospital.