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Holy family hospital

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St Andrew’s Road ,Bandra West, Mumbai

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  • Rated : 5

It’s a very well known and an old hospital. I am going their since my childhood and now I prefer taking my kids there too. All the doctors are very good and co-operative. Good Equipments.

  • Rated : 0.5

My advanced stage cancer stricken mother was recently turned down by this hospital after being discharged from the same hospital 3 days prior. The reason - the oncologist - Dr Ian D'souza was 'unavailable'! The hospital /Dr refused treatment the first time citing that she had surgery at another very expensive hospital and so 'belonged' to them !!  We had to beg n plead to be admitted n the dr relented. This time though they showed us the door ! We, as patients, did not get to choose a hospital that is close to our very aged n sick parents and that is relatively affordable to them because the Oncologist - dr Ian D'souza is busy pimping his soul ! The sad part is the Holy Family Hospital allows this !! Shame on you adminstrators , and bigger shame on you Dr Ian D'souza 

  • Rated : 4.5

Almost all the doctors in holy family hospital are good. As per my experience, doctors who visit holy family during morning hours are very affordable whereas the doctors during the evening time are slightly on the higher side (cost wise), but all the doctors are good.