Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital

Indira gandhi eye hospital


Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital, 1, B.N. Road, Kaiserbagh, Lucknow.

The Rajiv Gandhi trust (RGCT) was established in 2002 to commemorate and take forward the vision of Rajiv Gandhi, India’s former Prime Minister, for the country. The Trust, a registered, non-profit establishment, was found out by his spouse Mrs Sonia Gandhi and their kids, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra, to handle areas of concern that were nearest to Rajiv Gandhi’s heart. It aims to translate Rajiv Gandhi’s vision into action by implementing development programmes that have property impact on these areas of concern. The Trust works in shut collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, a sister organisation and a think factory whose operations area unit geared toward influencing public policy, up governance - native, national and international - and providing enlarged opportunities to the deprived and therefore the underprivileged. RGCT conjointly has shut links with the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Trust (SGMT), a not for profit organisation that operates many development initiatives in Uttar Pradesh. RGCT presently works within the poorest areas of Uttar Pradesh (UP), one in all the smallest amount developed states in India. UP has the best range of individuals below the poverty level - associate degree calculable forty four % of its a hundred seventy five million population. The state alone accounts for twenty % of the poor in India, associate degreed an calculable nine % of the poor worldwide
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