Jaslok Hospital & Research Center

Jaslok hospital & research center


15 Dr. G. Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai 400 026

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  • Rated : 1.5

Don't go with big names, Though they claimed they are a charity organisation but no dear its a purely purely commercial.


The doctors and administrators always try to prolong your stay in the hospital so that their bill get higher. As the doctors are of consultancy basis hence they tries to give more business to the hospital and does not cared about the patients. If you are having medical insurance they will love to get the bills inflated like any thing. And if not, think how they will milking you you could not imagine.


For a simple proccedure of one day the doctors will bound to get you admitted for more than 4 days thus the hospitals bed and other charges continues as well as the doctor's visit charges add on your bills.


Hence please be carefull before admitting your dear ones as the hospital will not leave you with out a high bill. SAVDHAN.