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A - 791, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai.

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  • Rated : 4.5

The hospital is really good and is also very affordable. People can come in for the treatment and the doctors here are very good. They provide the correct course of treatment and proper diagnosis. The administration and the cleanliness of the hospital is a benchmark for the other hospitals in Mumbai to follow. The nurses and ward boys make sure that the patients are comfortable and have everything they needed. The doctors are an expert in their field and make sure that they prescribe the right  course of treatment to you.

  • Rated : 4

Lilavati Hospital provides you with a cost effective heart surgery. My father in law went in for a  bypass surgery at the hospital. We were referred to Dr. Prakash S. for the surgery and he was able to handle the case with complete precision. He provided my father with the right course of treatment and the proper care that a patient deserves. It has been 3 months since his surgery and he has not complained since then. The medications which were prescribed have also worked well and he has been improving since then. I don’t know about the other departments, but the cardio department is really good in the hospital.

  • Rated : 4.5

Very nice hospital, all the services are available.

  • Rated : 5

Very good hospital.