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Swami Vivekanand Road, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai.

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  • Rated : 5

I was admitted to the Nanavati Hospital for the third sitting after 11 pm with a severe laceration of my leg after running into the edge of a glass table. I was received quickly but there wasn’t room for me so I was parked in a storeroom. This wasn’t bad, as it gave me a little more peace and quiet than the badly-curtained sections where drug addicts and alcoholics shout and ramble.

For the main course, a young female doctor warned me that my wound might not heal and cause complications because of its nature and the nature of my conditions, but she dutifully attempted the stitch-up job and did very excellent work in 13 sutures, achieving what she herself said might not be possible. She was friendly, informative, and expert at her job.

As for appetizers and dessert, other personnel who did various tests and procedures were the usual Bellevue menu that earns this restaurant few stars and negative reviews – slow, bumbling, cynical, uncommunicative, poor English, etc.

But all and all I’m going to give this meal a five due to this very efficient doctor who made all the difference to my future health issues.

  • Rated : 1

DR.Manoj Patel leads my mother to cardiac arrest. Hospital refuses to respond even. Here is the letter I gave them.


Sub: Jayashree Prabu - GBS - first 24 hrs missed

My mother Mrs. Jayashree Prabu was admitted on 29th June 2016 around 10.30 am with complains about nervous weakness in hands and legs. She was brought in your ambulance and admitted to deluxe ward.

Through the day her condition continuously deteriorated with inability to walk, severe pain, inability to swallow etc. Her assigned doctor Dr. Manoj Patel visited her and highlighted that there were no issues and it was probably psychological. She remaining in hospital for observation but through each worsening symptom was mentioned, no one came to any conclusion. The senior doctor did not even visit as the patient deteriorated.

On 30th morning 9 am, she was unable to open her eyes and we assumed she was sleeping. It was only when my father noted that something was off and there was no pulse, he rushed to the nursing station.

Nurses informed ICU and the team arrived to revive her through CPR and took her to ICU and concluded it was GBS within 3 min. We almost lost our mother due to negligence of the attending doctor, but when he turned up in the ICU he laughed at her and says "Oh its only GBS".

We wish to highlight that my mother was well treated and cared for by the ICU doctor and nurses, whose effort have helped her recover this much. However, if not for the negligence of the assigned doctor, the issue would not have progressed so far and changed my mother's life forever. She is still paralyzed and on ventilation for more than 2 months and we have spent close to 21 Lakhs in her treatment due to your negligence. This is a huge burden on my retired father.

I had informed this in administration office of medical superintendent Dr. Neetha on 24th August at around noon with Mr.Sundar from billing. Dr.Neetha said she would inform the chief Dr. Srividya and they would get back to me, however I am yet to receive any response from Nanavati till date.

I am providing a written letter to the management so that the issues is looked into and addressed





  • Rated : 4.5

 I did find Nanavati Hospital very good – everything at the hospital right from the infrastructure to the staff was amazingly good. I went to the hospital for the treatment of my allergy and trust me that I had checked out every hospital in Mumbai and Pune before coming here. Every clinic I had visited but I had not been able to find a good solution. I went to Nanavati Hospital and got in touch with Dr. Kochar there and he was able to diagnose and treat my condition super soon. He is one of the best doctors on the team – he questioned my about the symptoms and the history of the condition before providing me with a diagnosis and treatment for the same. The treatment which I had been waiting for about 2 years, I was able to get in a week. I would recommend this doctor to everyone.

  • Rated : 4

My friend was admitted in this hospital. The treatment given to her was very effective and good.