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258/A, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Anekal Taluk, Hosur Road, Bangalore.

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  • Rated : 1

It is very sad to say that one of the most prestigious hospitals of our town has become a money minting machine now. The staff there is incompetent and I went in for my delivery there. Everything was going perfectly well and I was dilated just the right amount for a normal delivery. However, just in a rush to make more money off me, the doctor suggested me to go in for a C section. Though this was not required, I did not want to argue with the doctor at that stage. Later on, they said that my baby is not born okay and due to some complications, they need to keep him under observation. During this period, I was not at all allowed to see him also. It took a toll on me. When my husband sneaked over later to take a look, he found out that the baby was perfectly fine. They were charging us for something which was not only needed in the first place. We decided to revolt the second day and decided to go out of this place. The doctors told us that we would be doing so on our own risk to which we agreed without any problems. We came back home and my child is all right. This is the limit to which hospitals can go down to! Pathetic!

  • Rated : 1

I had heard a lot about this hospital in general and about Dr. Devi Shetty in specific. However, the reality of the place was far different from what I had expected from it. The reception people are rude and obsolete. They know about the brand equity of their hospital and treat the people who come there as complete shit. I wanted to take the appointment of a doctor and the meeting was scheduled at 12, but the doctor did not turn up until 4 in the evening! They made us wait in the general area and do not care that the patients have taken leaves from their work to be at the hopsital. The behaviour of the staff is very bad and this hospital should not be visited by anyone.