Narayana Nethralaya (nn-3)

Narayana nethralaya (nn-3)



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Narayana Nethralaya, No. 37, Castle Street, Opp. Sacred Heart Church, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

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My eldest son wanted to go for a lasik surgery since a long time. However due to his weak eyesight, the doctors had recommended him to wait until he was in his early 20’s for the surgery. We were very confused as to where should we go for the surgery, then one of our neighbors recommended this hospital to us, and we went there for the surgery. The doctors and the staff were amazing and wonderful. They made sure that my son was prepared mentally for the surgery. They prescribed some exercises and some medications to him before his surgery so that he is more used to it. His surgery was done perfectly and after his surgery the doctors recommended some lifestyle changes for him to incorporate so that his eye sight does not deteriorate any further than this. Great place.