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  • Rated : 1

Very Very Very vad experience,they played with my grandson's life,complete negligence from Dr Mrs Phadnis,we use to take my grandson to her when he was not even 1 month till he was 14 months and with a regular follow up also she was not able to diagnose that there was something wrong with him,his case was of delayed milestone but she did not even bothered that there was something wrong and asked us to do some test which cost a bomb to us,everytime a new reference and new test but nothing worked out,she wasted our time instead of suggesting for physiotherapy which will improve my child's condition,due to her and her useless team now he is facing a lot,she even charge to look for a test report suggested by her,gives only a minute to 1 patient and charge as if they have done something relli special,one should never go to ONP Tulip for anything,wastage of Money.

  • Rated : 0.5

 plz dnt go here for any treatment . ...highly expensive..making fool to people by taking high amount ....no returns..plz dnt go...

  • Rated : 0.5

I'm here to have my mammosonography. They gave me an appointment for 3pm and now it's 4.45 pm and I'm still waiting for the doctor to come... very very bad experience.

  • Rated : 0.5

I'm here to have my mammosonography. They gave me an appointment for 3pm and now it's 4.45 pm and I'm still waiting for the doctor to come... very very bad experience.

  • Rated : 0.5

32 Weeks Baby died due to Ego and Ignorance of DR!

Hi All,


My wife was 32 weeks pregnant. Our baby died in the womb @ 32 weeks age in womb i.e. IUFD(Intrauterine Fetal Death). This all happened due to negligence and Ego of Dr. Phadnis.


When baby was of 31 weeks my wife was not feeling well so she took holiday. As AFI(amniotic fluid index) level was less(6) in last sonography and some medicines were prescribed by DR just to take extra precaution we had one more sonography at our place. This was a different place near to my place and obviously different than ONP Tulip Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. which is also known as Phadnis Clinic. The sonography reports told that The AFI level is 4 and its called as SEVER OLIGOHYDRAMNIOS. As the appointment date with doctor was 10 days after the day which we did sonography we has discussions with our relative/friends who are doctors and not working in pune . They saw sonography reports and said the AFI 4 is very less liquor level and needs immediate attention by doctor.


We booked appointment with Dr. Phadnis and reached the clinic next day.


When that guy saw that sonography was done at different place and without his recommendation, he got angry and kind of shouted that why you guys have done this sonography. Why you guys are using your brain etc. He also not spoke much on our concerns and said if we will ask questions he will not answer properly.


Instead of giving immediate attention this guy neglected the fact of severe AFI level and asked us to come after 10 days to do sonography and NST test.


As he is having a lot of experience in this field we kept mum on his arrogant conversation and negligence irrespective of the concerns raise by Dr to whom I spoke. We thought he will be having something in his mind. But believe me this was the biggest mistake we did. We trusted him and ignored our friends/ relatives concerns of immediate attention/ hospitalization.


After 4 days of this appointment my wife felt that the baby movement in womb are not happening till night so we immediately decided to visit Dr Phadnis. After having sonography we came to know the heart beats are missing and baby is dead in womb i.e. IUFD. After this we had small discussion with Dr Phadnis and he suggested we will have to give medicines and do the pregnancy.


We were very shocked. This Dr whole stuff directly in front of my wife in harsh words. Still this guys foots are not touching the earth. When asked about the reason of IUFD he said baby was fine from outside and no issues were there with baby but I was not sure this much damage will happen. I am really shocked why this guy has not given attention when we proactively came and shown him the sonography results and asked to do something. This guys EGO has killed our First baby at 32 weeks. I will never recommend this hospital to anyone. No attention, EGO and ignorance killed our baby. He dont have any answers why the baby died, but we know its his mistake which caused such a huge damage to us. I wish I could have gone to mid size hospital where they could have listened my concerned and acted accordingly. In such a cases cesarean or Hermin intravenous injections or directly injections with IV in womb to increase the AFI level are given and these are the generic ways to handle the low AFI.


It was a huge loss.


I will never recommend ONP Tulip, S.B. Road or ONP Shivajinagar to anyone.


Below are drawbacks of this hospital:


-Dr Phadnis is a person with big EGO who does not listens to patients at all.


-He gives only 2 or 3 minutes for every patient.


-No personal attention even in OT you have to just wait and wait for small things.


-Very high charges for the provided services

 After all this matter he charges us 90000 which is very high amount as compared to other hospitals.



If want any details please mail on abhijitsreview@gmail.com






  • Rated : 4

I found this hospital to be extremely good.. The staff members were good and efficient.. Highly recommended.. Just one thing, its a bit expensive... So, its good if you can afford.. Also its very hygienic as its not a general hospital.

  • Rated : 4.5

I recently had my first baby delivered at Oyster and Pearl Tulip hospital. The hospital is fantastic. I was admitted for 4 days. Right from preparing me for the c section operation to my discharge everything was highly professional. The nurses are very well trained and very friendly too. Very clean hospital. The visiting staff of pediatricians and gynacs are also gud. Very gud coordination between the doctors and nurses. Even throughout the night the nurses and helping staff are very prompt and happily at your service for cleaning the baby or for anything else. The food was also very gud. Didn't feel like I am having hospital food. Clean hygienic hospital. Charges are worth it.