Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby hall clinic


40, Sangamvadi, Sasoon Road. Landmark: Near By Dhole Patil Path, Pune

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This ruby hospital is money making factory from poor people who doesnt know where to go.

they charge a lot.

I had very bad experience in Ruby Hall Clinic. My uncle was admitted in Ruby and just after all tests (look like they are modified) Dr told my uncle that you have only3-4 month of time or go for 25 lakh surgery. we ware in shock that how come Dr telling right infront of patient. Then I suggested my cousin just move to NAtional Inst of Gastrology in Hyderabad, and now its been 6 month and my uncle is recoveing well.

My suggestion is to go to Hyderabad as Ruby hall is money making factory for pharmacist and (harami) doctors.

BTW Hospitals in Hyd still doesnt charges a lot and treat patinet very well. they use really polite language.


So please careful while chosing hospitals. your doctor might suggest you to go to Ruby but reality is Ruby might paying him back some percentage .

* i doesnt mean all Dr in ruby are bad , but just want to share my experience. I am not Telgu. I am from Latur.