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11/12 Thube Park, 16, Shivaji Nagar, Pune.

From just a modest 10 bed hospital in 1972, Dr. Sancheti went on to make the SIOR. The flagship of the group, SIOR these days could be a two hundred bed, dedicated Orthopaedic hospital. SIOR is one in all the biggest personal orthopedic specialty hospital anyplace within the South East Asia.



The hospital offers highly specialized yet affordable services in 14 distinct areas of Orthopaedic medicine and therefore the related fields. These include, Joint Replacement, accident surgery, Spinal Surgery, medical specialty orthopedics, operation and Sports Injuries, Hand, cosmetic surgery and more.



SIOR is committed to follow the highest level of ethical standards in patient care, clinical analysis, education and administrative management. within the future, the hospital aims to continue in its tradition of leadership through innovation, research and development. This mission is ably supported by a team of highly specialized consultants that are recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise and experience.


SIOR is also an educational centre of repute with affiliations to major medical colleges and other institutions. As a teaching hospital, SIOR exposes its students to a large form of medical conditions and innovative treatment solutions to counterpoint their work experience. A continuous process of review ensures that the appropriate technologies and new medical processes from across the world are available in the hospital.



The only one in all its kind within the country, Sancheti Hospital for Specialized Surgery is an ultramodern 50 bed dedicated joint replacement unit that conducts replacement surgeries for the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle and elbow. The Sancheti Hospital for Specialized Surgery is an extension of Dr. Sancheti’s vision to offer world class facilities at an affordable price.



A specially designed complex of 4 operating theaters that incorporate advanced processes, such as laminar air flows to provide a highly sterile environment. this can be essential to avoid post surgery infections. Availability of computer assisted joint-replacement surgery has substantially increased accuracy of the surgery, reduced trauma and accelerated the recovery of the patient.



Around 2005, Dr. K. H. Sancheti developed India’s 1st autochthonic implant – the “INDUS Knee.” This met the wants of the Indian patients who couldn't afford the value of the imported parts. Apart from the low cost, INDUS Knee also has high flexibility that is suitable for an Indian lifestyle. The SHSS routinely performs replacement operations using the INDUS knee.



Sancheti Hospital for specialised Surgery conjointly assists patients with severe hip pain or hip inflammatory disease that will usually solely be treated through hip replacement surgery. The centre is well equipped to conduct Total Hip Replacement surgery with special importance given to analysis, treatment procedure and use of sophisticated medical equipment.

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