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Vikram Hospital (Bengaluru) Pvt. Ltd. No.71/1, Millers Road, Opp. St. Anne's College, Bengaluru.

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  • Rated : 4

   My wife Vinitha got admitted for abdominal pain and subsequently for Hysterectomy because of multiple fibroids. Consulted with Dr Shashikala Ksheerasagar for the procedure. 

  Visited the Vikram Hospital for the first time and very clearly  I can say that undoubtedly it is a very good hospital in Bangalore. Dr Shashikala Maam is so good in nature and with a smiling face,gave a very detailed view of the surgery to my wife which made her so confident. She reacted well to the procedure and recovering very fast.

  Dr Venkatesh Sir, who is heading the Department, deals with the patient and the bystander as well,in such an amazing way which need to be appreciated. The staff - all medical and non medical were so professional, caring and cooperating at every span of her stay at the hospital for three days.

 I would like to thank one and all from the bottom of my heart. Realy awesome.All the very best.

  • Rated : 4.5

My boss was admitted to Vikram Hospital for his heart treatment. He is 65 years of age and suffers from a heart problem since the last one year. Last month, he was experiencing a lot of fatigue and stress around his chest area for which he went to the hospital. We went to the hospital and saw the amazing way in which the staff was dealing with him. They were very professional, but caring at the same time. He went through a major surgery at the hospital but came out brand as new. Everything in the hospital from the doctors to the staff and the post op care is good. Certainly would recommend the hospital.

  • Rated : 4.5

Vikram Hospital is one of the upcoming and best hospitals in Bangalore. Being private run, it has the best facilities available for every patient. I had an inflated nerve on my hand which was proving to be very troublesome and was even very embarrassing to look at. I went to Vikram Hospital for a checkup and pointed it out to the doctor. He recommended a simple and normal procedure to cut that off my hand. I was a bit skeptical regarding cutting off a part of my hand, but he was very understanding and told me that I won’t be missing out on anything. I got it operated and I have to say that the amazing skill with which the doctor did it, it’s been two months now and I haven’t experienced any side effects till date on that. Awesome.

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