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Yashomati Hospitals, HAL Airport - Varthur Road, Munne Kolala, Marathahalli, Bangalore.

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  • Rated : 1

The doctors are not at all competent to handle the patients. I went there for a normal checkup after heavy pains in my chest. The staff receptionist told me to wait for about an hour before the doctor shows up. I took half day leave from my work and waited. The doctor was supposed to come back by 1, but when he did not come, I asked and the staff told me that he will come by 4. I extended my leave and waited but again he came back at 5. My whole day was wasted at the hospital and when he came, and then also he made us wait for about an hour before checking me. So, I wasted an entire day at the hospital and the doctor did not even have the courtesy to say sorry after that! Pitiable state!

  • Rated : 1

They have used a mythical name for their hospital but in disguise are just money miners who are sitting there to rob people off. I would not recommend anyone to go to this hospital even if you are in a dire emergency. The staff of the hospital does not think a wee bit about the patients and is just concerned about themselves. I don’t think that the doctors are good as well. They are just concerned about making money and not paying even a bit of attention towards the well being of the patients. All hypocrites are sitting in one place and are making a fool of their patients.