13 Incredible Benefits of Orange Juice for Radiant Skin & Health

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 29 June 2015 - 3:37 pm IST

13 Incredible Benefits of Orange Juice for Radiant Skin & Health

Orange Juice is made from unfermented and fresh oranges, providing a variety of health benefits. Orange is a fruit which is relished by people across various ages – be it children, adults or even old people. Oranges are not only wonderful in taste but also offer a variety of nutritious benefits to the people who consume them on a regular basis. The nutrients found in Oranges help the body to fight against many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and even gastrointestinal diseases. Consuming Orange juice is recommended as the nutrients can be absorbed very quickly in the bloodstream without waiting for the entire digestion to process through. Some of the most well known health benefits of Orange Juice is protecting the immune system, reducing signs of aging, protecting against cancer, boosting the repair of the cells, detoxifying the body, improving the blood pressure, reducing inflammation as well as lowering the amount of cholesterol in the body.

However, it is recommended to avoid drinking frozen orange juice, canned juice or concentrated juice as with the processing, a great amount of chemicals are added and the juice loses its natural goodness. Here are some of the major health benefits of consuming Orange Juice:

Major Health Benefits of Orange Juice:

1) Fortifies the Immune System:

Oranges are known to be the powerhouse of minerals and Vitamins such as Vitamin C. A single serving of Vitamin C from an orange is known provide our body with around 200% of the naturally required amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant in the body, killing away the free radicals and preventing any further damage to the body. This helps to stimulate other aspects of the immune system and fortifying it from within.

2) Prevents Cancer:

Vitamin C works as an antioxidant which prevents cancer to a great extent. The antioxidants keep the DNA of the cells healthy and prevent them from mutation. Orange Juice also contains the antioxidant Hesperidin, which is known to slow down the growth of the tumors and stimulates the process of Apoptosis, which is the programmed death of the cells.

3) Detoxifies the Body:

Along with Vitamin C, Orange Juice also contains a high amount of Vitamin A, which is known to work as a moderate antioxidant. It helps to detoxify the body and increases the function of the kidneys. Vitamin A is also known to boost the eye health and decreases the chance of muscular degeneration.

4) Boosts the Blood Circulation:

The Folate Content found in Orange Juice is known to help in the creation of the DNA and promotes the growth of new cells. Folate is also known to keep your cells safe from the mutation and helps in building new red blood cells and stimulates the flow of the blood in the body. This makes the functioning of the systems more efficient.

5) Prevents Inflammation:

Citrus Fruits are well known for their anti inflammatory properties which makes Orange Juice no exception. High sugary meals and high fat meals often lead to inflammation, which can also lead to the development of insulin resistance. This could also be one of the underlying reasons for Type 2 Diabetes and Atherosclerosis. Orange Juice is known to inhibit the Insulin Resistance in the body and helps to cut down the rate of inflammation. It therefore, protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases.

6) Promotes a Healthy Blood Pressure:

Hesperidin is a very well known antioxidant which helps to protect the body from diseases such as cancer and thereby impacts the functioning of the small blood vessels. This tends to have a direct impact on the blood pressure as a whole, decreasing the rate of cardiovascular diseases.

7) Maintains a Healthy Cholesterol Balance:

High Cholesterol is one of the major causes behind cardiovascular diseases. Orange Juice is known to reduce the presence of the bad cholesterol in the body and increases the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

8) Has Healing Properties:

One of the major health benefits of consuming Orange Juice is because it has major healing properties. Oranges contain Flavonoids such as Naringenin and Hesperidin which contain anti inflammatory properties. Consuming Orange Juice is known to treat conditions such as Arthritis and cures stiffness and pain.

9) Treats and Prevents Ulcers:

Ulcers are generally known to occur around the small intestine and the stomach. The presence of the ulcers is one of the major reasons behind constipation. Orange Juice is quite great in treating and preventing ulcers. It is also known to stimulate the working of the digestive system.

10) Prevents Kidney Stones:

A large concentration of minerals and chemicals in the body leads to the development of kidney stones in the longer run. Orange Juice is a rich source of Citrate which is known to prevent Kidney Stones by decreasing the acidity of the urine.

11) Helps in the Weight Loss:

Regular consumption of Orange Juice is known to be helpful when it comes to losing out those few extra kilos. Citrus Juice contains a large amount of antioxidants which helps in the weight loss regimen.

12) Treats Anemia:

Anemia is generally caused due to the lack of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Iron deficiency is one of the leading reasons behind Anemia. Orange Juice provides a large amount of Vitamin C which promotes the absorption of the Iron into the blood. This is one of the major reasons why doctors recommend Orange Juice to people suffering from Anemia.

13) Promotes Beautiful and Young Skin:

The antioxidants present in Orange Juice are known to promote a healthy and youthful skin. The antioxidants in combination with the Vitamin C, helps to protect the skin cells from the free radicals. Orange Juice is the best way to maintain the freshness of the skin for a long time.

Preparing Fresh Orange Juice - In Three Simple Steps

Some mornings, there is nothing more refreshing than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to satiate your appetite. Though it all looks so simple in the movies, in real life, preparing a glass of juice can take a bit longer than you expected. But, the taste and benefits of the juice is going to be worth the effort and the time that you would have spent on it. So, here are some simple steps that we bring to you to squeeze out a healthy glass of juice:

Method #1: Squeezing the Juice by Hand:

  1. Soften the orange by feeling it around with your hand. Tightly squeeze the fruit around the edges with the help of your palm and try to soften the fruit up gently.
  2. Cut the orange in two equal halves. Slice it open and remove all the seeds. You can also choose navel oranges in case you are planning to go seedless.
  3. Juice the orange by gripping one of the halves of the fruit tightly and squeeze it with your hand. You can also use a plain juicer in order to squeeze the juice out.
  4. Add pulp. This step is option as per your need. You can scrape out the orange with a spoon and can add the pulp to the juice directly. In case you are a person who wants clear juice, you can pour the juice with the help of a strainer before drinking the juice. Alternatively, you can add a pinch of black salt or sugar for additional taste.

Method #2: Squeezing Juice with an Electrical Juicer:

  1. Prepare the oranges by peeling them and splitting them in quarter sized sections. In case of smaller oranges, such as Mandarins, you can just slice the orange in half.
  2. Process the oranges through a feed tube in a container.

Method #3: Squeezing the Juice via a food processor:

  1. Prepare the oranges for the blending process. Peel off the oranges and then cut them off into 1 inch chunks. In case the oranges are seeded, you can remove the seeds.
  2. Pulse the oranges for a couple of times in order to break them out. Continue the process until the oranges are pureed properly.
  3. Taste the juice in order to test it. In case it is dry, add some water. If it is not sweet enough, add some sugar or sweetener to taste.
  4. Run the blender again until the pulp has been liquefied completely.
  5. Let it sit for a couple of minutes before serving.

Orange Juice: Nutritional Profile

Know what you are taking in with every glass of your freshly squeezed Orange Juice: 

Amount per Serving

% Daily Value





Calories from Fat


Total Fat (0 g)


Saturated Fats ( 0 g)


Trans Fats


Cholesterol (0 mg)


Sodium (2 mg)


Total Carbohydrates (26 g)


Dietary Fiber (0 g)


Sugars ( 21 g)


Proteins (2 g)


Vitamin A




Vitamin C





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