35 Healthy Benefits of Garlic

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 26 August 2014 - 12:56 am IST

Thirty Five Reasons to Use Garlic:

Garlic has been recommended by doctors all over the world as one of the best herbs. Garlic has so many beneficial ways in order to help your body to become an all rounder. So, take a look at the various ways in which Garlic is one of the best herbs to help you to become an all rounder.

  •   It helps to treat arthrosclerosis
  •   It helps to lower the cholesterol levels
  •   It helps to lower the blood pressure
  •   It helps in treating gout
  •   Helps in preventing and treating flu and respiratory tract infection
  •   It prevents the growth as well as a spread of bacteria
  •   It helps in the treatment of tuberculosis
  •   It helps in the treatment of purulent wounds
  •   It can help in the treatment of Trichomoniasis
  •   It helps in the boosting of the metabolism
  •   It helps to check the growth of colon cancer
  •   It helps to treat gall bladder cancer
  •   It prevents rectal cancer
  •   It helps to prevent breast cancer
  •   It helps to keep a tab on the prostate cancer
  •   It helps to aid the digestion process
  •   It helps to treat yeast infection
  •   It helps in dissolving the blood clots
  •   It increases the appetite of the person
  •   It helps in killing the intestinal worms as well as parasites
  •   It helps to treat the cataracts
  •   It helps to treat arthritis
  •   It helps to prevent diabetes
  •   It helps to treat the staph infection
  •   It helps to get rid of the tooth ache
  •   It helps in treating acne
  •   It helps to treat the warts
  •   It helps to treat tetter.
  •   It helps in the treatment of the boils on the skin
  •   It tends to have a soothing effect on the intestines
  •   It is used to treat asthma
  •   It can easily treat chronic bronchitis
  •   It can help in the treatment of whooping cough
  •   It can also help with insomnia
  •   It slows the aging process of the person
  •   It slows down the growth of Candida Albicans
  •   It helps to strengthen the immune system of the person.

So, take the cue and eat a clove of garlic every morning without fail! 

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