5 Common Oral Problems to Stay Away From

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 21 November 2016 - 6:58 pm IST

5 Common Oral Problems to Stay Away From

Harmful bacteria present in the mouth are the main cause behind a number of oral problems in both children and adults. The most problems that result from these harmful bacteria include gum infection and tooth decay. By following a good oral hygiene, you can prevent the majority of these problems. As such, regular brushing and flossing form the basis of all good oral hygiene. However, in addition to that dental experts, all over the world including Delhi, suggest patients to maintain a healthy life style and stay away from bad habits like smoking. In fact, you should totally avoid consuming tobacco in any form to stay safe from the common dental problems and keep your mouth healthy.

Some of the common oral problems that dentists come across more frequently are as following:

  • Dental Caries – These are the most common form of oral health issues that affect people of all ages. Actually, caries happen to be the dentistry term for tooth decay. It is a severe problem for kids below the age of 12 and the major cause for their tooth loss. A specific type of harmful bacteria present in your mouth, turn the sugar and the carbohydrate that you intake into acids. These acids erode away the tooth enamel, which results in development of pits in the tooth crown. Initially, these pits remain too small to be detected. Gradually, in course of time, they grow larger.

  • Gingivitis – Gingivitis is the dental term for early gum diseases and is also caused by a type of harmful oral bacteria. When, these bacteria manage to settle down below your gum line, they produce a toxic material. This toxin causes swelling and inflammation in the gums. It is even common to experience gum bleeding as a result of developing Gingivitis. According to qualified dentists, if the problem is left unattended to, it leads to periodontal diseases.

  • Periodontal Disease – As already mentioned above, gingivitis, at an advanced stage leads to periodontal diseases. Infection spreads around the gum and its adjacent tissues that support your gum line. Gradually, in course of time, the problem goes deeper and can lead to tooth loss. As such, periodontal diseases are one of the most common factors that cause tooth loss problem in adults.

  • Canker sores – Another common dental problem is formation of lesions on your oral tissues. According to the best dentist in Delhi, the problem mainly results from anxiety, hormonal imbalance, immunity deficiency and takes about 10 days to a fortnight to get healed. However, other than adults, it also affects children in large numbers.

  • Oral herpes – It is another common dental problem mainly among adults, caused by a particular virus, named Herpes Simplex. Initially, the symptoms of this dental issue include formation of blisters and ulcers mainly on the gums and the tongue. You may even exhibit symptoms alike flu. This condition has to be treated by a qualified dental professional and over-the-counter medicines hardly prove helpful to resolve the issue completely.

Proper treatment by an experienced dentist can easily cure you from the common dental conditions mentioned above.

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