6 Benefits of Eating Chocolate !

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 20 August 2014 - 11:56 am IST

Healthy Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the favourite sweet of people all over the world. Who said that healthy food only comes off the shelves of the fruits and the vegetables section of the super mart? Who wondered that you would be able to find some amazing health benefits in Chocolates?

Yes, the secret behind the richness of chocolates is nothing else but cacao – the bean which is enriched with chemicals such as flavonoids as well as theonbromine. Some of the major health benefits of Chocolates are as follows:

  • A healthy Heart: It has been proved that taking a square of a dark chocolate everyday is known to decrease the blood pressure of the person as well as reduce the risks of heart disease as well as stroke by 40%. This is also tends to increase the flexibility of the veins and the arteries. Antioxidants too tend to be increased with the intake of the chocolates.
  • Loss in Weight: If you happen to think that consuming chocolate is going to add pounds to your scale, then you are wrong. Dark chocolate is not that sweet, salty as well as fatty. Therefore, taking a piece of chocolate is going to add to your health benefits without adding any pounds to your scale.
  • Preventing Diabetes: It has been proved people who consume a piece of chocolate everyday have reported a drop in the insulin resistance by nearly half as compared to normal people. Also, the nitric oxide production of the body is increased along with controlling the insulin sensitivity of the person.
  • Reduction in the stress levels: Another study has concluded that if people consume an ounce of dark chocolate during their period of anxiousness, their level of stress hormone falls drastically. Also, the metabolic levels of stress can also be decreased increasingly with the consumption of chocolate.
  • Higher levels of intelligence: The brain power of a person is increased drastically with the consumption of chocolates. Consuming cocoa is known to improve the performance of the brain as well as increase the alertness level of the person. Also, the people who consume chocolates tend to score higher on the cognitive tests as compared to their counterparts.
  • Relief from Cough: Chocolates are known to treat coughs as effectively as codeine. Due to the amount of theobromine which is present in Chocolates, it produces a feel good effect in people and will suppress the activity in the brain of the person as well. Chocolates do not have any considerable side effects. On the other hand, they tend to help people in order to deal with cough as well as diarrhoea. The enzymes and proteins which are present in Chocolates are the ones that regulate the secretion of the fluids in the small intestine and therefore regulate the bowel movements of a person as well.
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