8 Ways to Beat Depression

By Refadoc, Posted on : Saturday, 16 August 2014 - 8:49 pm IST

If you have been battling depression lately, do not despair. A research study has just found that nearly 30% of people all over the world are battling depression on an everyday basis.  Depression tends to decrease the overall productivity of the person and makes him quite helpless. Though medicines have made great progress in helping people to battle with depression, only when a person is ready to make some drastic life changes can he really encounter the devil within.

Depression recently claimed the life of Robin Williams – one of Hollywood’s noted comedians. Therefore, one always has a choice to come out and defeat depression before it defeats you.

Here are some of the tips which can help you to emerge stronger than before and battling depression like never before.

  1. Get a routine up: Depression often steps up from a feeling of nothingness. When a purpose is leading a life of aimless existence, then the chances of depression is increased manifold. Therefore, the best way to battle depression is to get a routine. When you set up a routine for yourself, then it can help you to get back on the track towards a normal lifestyle.
  2. Setting up the Goals: When a person is going through a major bout of depression, then focusing attention over anything seems like a colossal task. However, this feeling of aimlessness can easily worsen into denial. Therefore, the best way to brace depression is to set daily goals for oneself. It is recommended to start with small goals and then move on to the bigger ones. This immediately takes effect and makes you feel better about yourself.
  3. Getting an exercise regimen: Exercise is a necessity as it boosts up the body with special chemicals known as endorphins. These chemicals are known to provide long term benefits which help you to battle depression. Also, exercise encourages the brain to rewire itself and concentrate on positive things.
  4. Healthy Eating choices: If there is ever a thing like a magic diet for depression, then it is a myth. For battling depression, it is a must to watch what you are eating and in what quantity you are eating. In most cases, depression makes people want to overeat, however if you are in control of what you are eating can run very beneficial. Eating food rich in Omega 3 fats and folic acid has proved to be very helpful in battling depression.
  5. Overcoming Sleep deficiency: Depression often worsens with Insomnia. Making some changes in the lifestyle as well as the sleeping patterns can however make a lot of difference. It is recommended to go to sleep and wake up at the same time over a period of time. Avoiding TV and Computer usage before sleeping can also help in improving the sleeping patterns.
  6. Challenging and fighting negative thoughts: Most of the challenges during fighting depression tend to be mental as compared to physical. When a person is depressed, then worst possible of decisions can be made. Logical reasoning should be inculcated during the decision making process. It will take patience and practice, but mental strength is much needed in order to battle and defeat depression.
  7. Regular Checkups with the Doctor: Complete follow ups with the doctor can lead to better results. Being in touch with the doctor can make sure that you are prescribed with the much needed supplements that keep depression at check. Also, it is recommended in order to use supplements such as fish oil, folic acid etc.
  8. Being Creative: People fall into a rut of everyday things when they are battling with depression. Therefore, it is recommended that a depressed person should be indulging in activities which interest them. For instance, you could be indulging in cooking, learning a new language or even volunteering! Whatever floats your boat, you should be doing that!

Even when you are depressed, it is not hard to have fun. You need to keep on planning things that interest you, even if they seem like a tiresome job now. Hanging out in public, indulging in things and enjoying life to the fullest are the best ways to counteract depression. So, it’s time to brace depression and defeat it. 

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