Amazing Health Benefits of Dates for Skin, Health and Hair

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 29 June 2015 - 5:35 pm IST

Amazing Health Benefits of Dates for Skin, Health and Hair

Dates have often been labeled as the fruit of the desert. However, its consumption has increased all over the world owing to the amazing health benefits that it provides. From relieving constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems, anemia, sexual dysfunction, abdominal cancer to many other conditions, dates have truly been hailed as a wonder fruit. It is also rich in several vitamins, minerals as well as fiber. It comes loaded with oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper as well as magnesium. A lot of specialists have even said that eating a date a day is known to provide you with a balanced and a healthy lifestyle.

Due to the tremendous health benefits that it provides, Dates have also been hailed as a power fruit for muscle development. And there are many ways to consume dates. You can consume them with milk, yoghurt or with bread. The paste of dates is quite beneficial for both adults and children and provides with an instant recovery from illness or injury.

Dates are a versatile food group which can also help to regulate the working of the digestive process; they can also boost the energy levels of people within 30 minutes after consuming them. Intake of dates can provide you with about 20-35 grams of fiber, which is the dietary amount of fiber required by the body in a day. It is also said that taking a date per day is known to maintain your eye health throughout the rest of your health. They are also known to be quite effective in guarding you against the problem of night blindness.

Nutritional Value of Dates:

Dates are known to be a great source of vitamins and minerals. They are also a great source of energy, sugar as well as fiber. Essential vitamins such as Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium as well as Zinc. Dates are also known to be a storehouse of Vitamins such as Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Vitamin A and Vitamin K.

Health Benefits of Dates:

Helps against Constipation: Dates have often been classified to be a laxative food. That is one of the major reason why it is consumed often by people suffering from constipation. For people suffering from Constipation, it is recommended to soak the dates in water overnight before consuming them. Dates are known to have high levels of soluble fiber in them which is known to promote a healthy bowel movement and makes for the easy passage of the food through the digestive system.

1) Promotes Bone Health and Strength:

The high amounts of minerals found in Dates make it a super food for strengthening the bones and fighting against painful diseases such as Osteoporosis and Arthritis. Dates also contain Selenium, Manganese, Copper and Magnesium which make it an integral food for people looking for strengthening their bones.

2) Cures Intestinal Disorders:

The Nicotine content found in Dates is known to be quite beneficial for curing many kinds of intestinal disorders. With a continuous intake of dates, it has been found out that the growth of pathological organisms can be stopped. Dates tend to contain insoluble and soluble fibers along with many beneficial amino acids which can stimulate a fast digestion of food in the intestines and makes it even more efficient. This means that more nutrients would be absorbed by the digestive system, leading a proper usage of the nutrients.

3) Treats Anemia:

Dates are known to contain a high amount of mineral content which makes them quite beneficial for people suffering from different conditions. However, the high levels of Iron in dates make them a perfect diet choice for people suffering from anemia. The high level of Iron tends to fortify the system of patients suffering from anemia and also increases the energy and strength.

4) Treats Allergies:

Dates contain organic sulfur in them which is not very common amongst fruits and vegetables. This makes dates the fruit for reducing the allergic reactions against seasonal allergies. Organic Sulfur compounds found in Dates are known to have a positive impact on people suffering from allergies.

5) Weight Gain:

Dates should be added to your daily diet regimen. They are known to be a storehouse of sugar, proteins and any essential nutrients. If they are consumed with cucumber paste, they are known to keep your weight at a normal balanced rate. One kilogram of Dates contains around 3000 calories which meets the daily requirement of a human. However, it is not advised to consume only dates throughout the day. If you are looking forward to a simple way of gaining weight or are planning to build up your muscle mass, it is recommended to eat dates.

5) Boosts your Energy:

Dates are known to be high in natural sugars such as Glucose, Fructose as well as Sucrose. Therefore, they make up for a perfect quick snack to boost your energy. Many people all over the world choose dates as a perfect afternoon snack if they are feeling sluggish

6) Beneficial for the Nervous System:

The Vitamins present in Dates make them an excellent fruit for the nervous system. The Potassium found in Dates promotes the functioning of a healthy and responsive nervous system. It also helps to boost the speed and the alertness of the brain.

7) Promotes a Healthy Heart:

Dates are often quite helpful when it comes to keeping your heart healthy. They can be soaked overnight and can be crushed and consumed in the morning. This method of consumption is known to have a positive impact on people suffering from a weak heart. Dates are also a rich source of Potassium which reduces the risk of stroke and other heart related diseases. Dates are also an effective way of reducing the levels of LDL Cholesterol in the body which is a major factor when it comes to reducing the rates of heart attacks, heart disease as well as stroke. When consumed twice a week, dates are known to improve the overall functioning of the heart.

8) Treats Night Blindness:

Dates are also used when it comes to treating Night Blindness. When the leaves of the date palm leaves are ground into a paste and are applied around the eyes, can reduce the frequency of night blindness.

9) Improves Skin Elasticity:

Dates are known to be an amazing source of Vitamin C which helps to enhance the elasticity of the skin. They are also known to enrich the subcutaneous tissue of the skin, making it more tender and smooth.

10) Anti Aging Benefits:

The free radicals present in the skin cells are known to cause premature aging of the skin. Vitamin C, which is found in abundance in dates is known to help fight against oxidation. It also prevents against the accumulation of the melanin inside the body, decreasing the free lines and the wrinkles on the skin. Dates are herb ally rich and are known to replenish the blood, providing you with a youthful ski

11) Treats Skin Problems:

Vitamin B found in Dates is known to be quite beneficial for your skin. Often the lack of this Vitamin is known to cause skin problems. Being a natural source of Vitamin B, dates are known to help improve certain skin problems such as Stretch marks.

12) Strengthens the Hair Follicles:

Dates are known to be quite excellent for your hair as well. Consuming around 2-3 dates a day is known to strengthen your hair follicles and makes your hair strands to become stronger and healthier.

13) Fights against Hair Loss:

Vitamin B found in Dates is known to be quite beneficial for your hair. A date also contains Iron which is known to treat hair problems such as brittle and weak hair. In case you are suffering from hair fall, dry dates can be used in order to nourish your hair roots, making your hair stronger than before.

14) Date Oil for Healthier Hair:

Since dates come packed with a lot of nutrients, date oil is quite excellent for your hair as it strengthens the hair follicles from within and helps to fight against hair fall problems.

So, now that you know of the immense advantages of consuming Dates, you should try to include this fruit in your diet all the more!

Selecting and Storing Dates Properly


Dates are often sold whole and are packaged in narrow blocks for better handling and transportation. In case you are out to buy fresh dates, make sure to look out for ones which are plump, moist and are not bruised. Also choose the ones which have a soft and glossy skin. Though fresh dates can be wrinkled in appearance, they should not feel hard to touch and should not have any crystallized sugar on the surface of their skin. Similarly, in case of fresh and dried dates, the appearance would be just the same, except that dried dates are a little bit wrinkly. The fruit should not appear to be emaciated and should be plump and glossy with an even color throughout.

Storage of Dates:

In case of fresh dates, make sure that they are kept in an air tight container or are stored in a refrigerator for up to about 6 months. Dried dates have a longer shelf life and can be stored in a similar manner for up to about one year. Freezing the dates tends to extend their shelf life, but make sure that they are stored in an airtight plastic bag or a container.

Safety Profile of Dates:

Date fruit allergy is very rarely heard of. The fruit is safe to consume for infants as well as for pregnant women. However, if someone is suffering from an allergy to the birch family pollen, any exposure to the date palm pollen could lead to some hypersensitive reactions. Therefore, it is advised to check any food which has been prepared that contains date palm products before consuming it.

Ways to Add Dates to your Diet:

Dates do not need any accompaniment. They are sweet and chewy; making them easy to be consumed as it is. However, before consuming them, make sure that you wash them properly. Also, it is recommended to only buy the ones which have been properly packed and manufactured. It is not recommended to buy them loose. Dates are one of the quickest and easily consumed fruits all over the world. So, we present to you some fantastic ways to add them to your diet:

1) As Snacks or Enhancers:

Dates can be consumed directly as snacks. They can also be soaked in liquids such as tea or in different kinds of alcohols in order to boost their flavor and their moisture.

2) Stuffing’s:

Dates can be stuffed along with almonds, walnuts, oranges and cream cheese. They are an excellent ingredient which can be used for fillings. They can also be stuffed along with almonds or pecans or can be served with tea or coffee as accompaniments.

3) Great with Fruit Salads:

Dates can be chopped and can be added to fruit salads in order to make great dishes. They can be stirred together with lime juice and can be allowed to stand for about five minutes. They can be whisked off with olive oil, salt and sugar. They can be added to grapefruits and dates can be then added on along with it. This salad can then be added to grapefruit sections and can be garnished with pomegranate seeds in order to make an excellent salad.

4) Used as Chocolate Dip:

Chocolate covered dates are a delicacy all over the world. You can dip the dates in chocolate and place them on a baking sheet. The dates can also be stuffed with a nut of your choice. Melt some chocolate and stir it all in a bowl together. Dip each date into chocolate so as to coat it properly. Refrigerate them for about half an hour before serving.

5) Candies and Buns:

Dates can be made into a fine paste which can be consumed along with fruits or could be changed into candies or used to decorate buns.

6) Sandwiches:

Date Sandwich can be prepared by adding them to peanut butter and bananas.

7) In preparation of Jallab:

Dates can be used to prepare a juice which is combined with grape molasses and rose water in order to prepare well known syrup called ‘Jallab’. This is quite common in the Middle East.


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Anushka Arora

  • May 24, 2015, 6:10 pm

I thought that Dates were only the powerhouse of sugar. Never knew that there were so  many benefits of eating this fruit. Amazing! Wow.


  • May 24, 2015, 6:11 pm

Dates are good for the health of the bones? Never knew. New fact learnt for the day. 

Ravi Mishra

  • May 24, 2015, 6:11 pm

Just used this article in my son's summer holiday's project for the benefits of dates. Nice and informative article.


  • May 25, 2015, 4:40 pm

I am eating dates so that I can gain some body weight. When I went to see the doctor he suggested me to eat dates as well. I hope there is some improvement.

Amit Malhotra

  • May 25, 2015, 4:40 pm

Dates are one of the most under rated fruits ever. They should be taken whenever one gets a good chance. Look at the health benefits of this small fruit. So good.

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