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By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 22 September 2015 - 6:21 am IST

Clogging of the arteries within the heart can lead to a person to suffer from CAD (Coronary Artery Disease). This disease is majorly caused due to the blockage and the build up of the cholesterol as well as the fatty plaque within the arteries. This blockage is also known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis as a condition is known to interfere with the blood flow to the heart as it goes out to narrow the arteries. When the heart is unable to gain the required amount of the oxygenated blood, it leads to the ill functioning of the heart and therefore, can increase the chances of a 

heart attack. 


Atherosclerosis is a very complex condition and can lead to various diseases and complications as follows:

Angina Pectoris: This is the most common symptom for people who are suffering from CAD. People suffering from Angina, generally go through a period of pain and discomfort in the center of their chest. Most of the times it is a burning sensation accompanied with the tightness in the chest as well as numbness. This pain can often spread to the other regions of the body eventually. However, the pain tends to radiate to and fro from the arms, back, stomach as well as the neck and the jaws. It is recommended to seek immediate medical attention from an expert medical practitioner

, if you are suffering from this condition as it is an onset of a heart attack.

Difficulty in Breathing: When a person has developed a blocked artery, the problems in breathing tend to occur, which is quite natural. Shortness of breath, difficulty walking up a flight of stairs as well as working on some of the simplest activities tends to become very difficult. This is because of the clogged arteries as the heart is unable to gain the required amount of the blood due to which fluid can build up in the lungs and cause great discomfort to the person. Immediate medical attention needs to be sought in case a person has breathing problems as this can be one of the major symptoms of the onset of a heart attack.

Nausea: People suffering from a blocked artery are also prone towards experiencing nausea. This is accompanied with the gastrointestinal symptoms such as pain in the abdomen as well as vomiting which can occur in few people.

Dizziness and Fatigue: A blocked artery can lead to the prevention of the oxygenated blood to reach the brain. When this occurs, the person tends to suffer from symptoms such as dizziness, anxiety, fatigue as well as unconsciousness in some cases. Weakness can also be considered to be a sign of the blocked artery in most of the cases.

Irregularity in the Heartbeat: Developing a rapid or an abnormal heartbeat can be one of the primal signs of a person who may be developing the blocked artery. If the heart is not able to receive the required amount of blood caused due to the blockage, it will go out to pump faster in order to get the blood. This leads to a rapid heartbeat which can lead you to experience dizziness or pain in the chest. Therefore, it is recommended to contact your doctor regarding the change in the heart rate.

Atherosclerosis can emerge out to be one of the most complex and quite dangerous conditions and if you are suffering from any of the above mentioned complications, it is suggested to seek medical attention regarding it immediately as it can escalate towards heart attack and can put your life in extreme danger. Find out the list Cardiologists.

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