Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is considered one of the major mental illnesses all over the world.

Following are its causes, symptoms and ways to countering it:

ADHD – Causes:

ADHD comes out to be one of the most prevalent mental disorders all over the world. Though scientific research continues over the reason behind this disease, the theories point out to many reasons, both genetic and environmental that causes the disease in populace all over the world. Some of the major reasons for ADHD are mentioned as follows:

1. Genetic Causes: There has been a strong linkage of ADHD to the genes of a person. It has been proved that a child with a genetic history of ADHD is four times as likely to develop the disease as compared to his counterpart. Dopamine – a chemical secreted by the human brain, when found in lower amount causes the disease in people. Dopamine causes the brain tissue associated with attention to become thinner and thus causes temporary impairers which improved with age and time. Thus, with growth, the symptoms of ADHD subside in children.

2. Nutritional deficiency: Refined sugar, amongst food products is known to have caused abnormal behaviour in people leading to ADHD. Sugar has been strongly linked to ADHD. However, the removal of sugar simply has proved not to subside the symptoms of ADHD in children.

Another food product linked with ADHD is omega 3 fatty acids. These fats are often associated with the development of the brain and nervous system functions. The deficiency of these can be linked directly to the alleviation of the symptoms.

3. Environmental Factors: the environmental factors such as smoking by mothers as well as presence of nicotine in the uterus have too been associated with the cause of the symptoms of ADHD in children. The exposure to lead is another factor that has come forward to be a dominant reason for the symptoms to appear.

4. Brain Injuries: This can be another reason for the creation of ADHD disorder in children. This can be caused due to the toxins present in the environment and any physical injury sustained either before or after the birth. The damage to the frontal lobe is one of the major reasons for the presence of symptoms in people.

The genetic component comes out to be a strong contender in the line of the occurrence of ADHD in people all over the world. The genes are the major components that control the level of dopamine which is secreted. The amount of neurotransmitters seems to be different in the case of people suffering from ADHD.

Out of the many known causes, these are the ones which emerge out as the most prominent one as shown by scientific research.

Is Your Kid Suffering from ADHD?

It is a well known misconception that ADHD does not attack children. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), being a complex mental disorder has been known to suffer children widely all over the world. However, due to the lack of awareness regarding the symptoms of this disease, a lot of children suffer from it undetected by their parents.

By the time a child is seven years of age, his symptoms come out prominently. So, if you suspect that you child is suffering from ADHD as well, here are some symptoms to look out for:

Insensitiveness to the needs of others: If all you kid can focus is on himself and his needs, and does not pay any heed to the desires of others, then this can be a red signal. During the formative years, if your kid is having trouble patiently dealing with children of his age in preschool or shows insensitiveness to the needs of others, then you must look out for him.

No emotional check: Children suffering from ADHD have a great challenge in dealing with their emotions, be it good or bad emotions. They could be suffering from the outburst of angry emotions or could be prone to tantrums and panic attacks from time to time.

Never seem to settle down: Kids suffering from ADHD have a drive to keep going on. They find it very hard to settle down in one place; or when they are forced to sit down, they either fidget or show a level of squirming.

No definite task completion: Children suffering from ADHD have problem concentrating on one single task. Though they may be interested in many different things, they find it very hard to get to the end of any of them. Either they stop midway, or they move to another task in the middle of one. They have no idea what topic is being discussed around them as their attention span is quite small.

Careless mistakes: It isn’t that children suffering from ADHD are any less intelligent as compared to their counterparts. It’s that they have problem following the instructions that are being given to them. Thus, the amount of planning required to complete a task is missing and they become prone to making silly mistakes in the normal day to day tasks as well.

Daydreamers: Another symptom to look out for is possible daydreaming in children. Apart from being less involved in the day to day activities with other kids, children suffering from ADHD tend to stare out endlessly into space, either thinking or dreaming of things unknown and ignoring the people around them.

Though in the formative years, these symptoms may be exhibited by all children at some point or the other, yet if your child is displaying all the above mentioned symptoms from time to time, then it is time to consult a doctor and seek medication to help to rectify this condition.

Are you Suffering from ADHD?

Have you been suffering from restlessness, anxiety and an inability to remain organized at all times? If these have been occurring to you, then you may be suffering from ADHD. Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has come out to be recognized as one of the major mental condition all over the world. Singer and actor, Justin Timberlake is also known to suffer from ADHD.

However, in order to determine whether you suffer from it, take a look at the major symptoms that can mean that you suffer from it:

1. If you are experiencing trouble getting organized, taking care of your family, job and the impending bills and suffering a general anxiety around the disorganization around you, then it could be pointed as one of the major symptoms of ADHD in adults.

2. Experiencing difficulty with co ordination such as driving, reflex actions as well as paying complete attention to one single task also points out the fingers towards the symptoms of ADHD. People suffering from ADHD are more prone to accidents due to the lower reflex arc as compared to others.

3. People suffering from ADHD may find themselves bouncing off from one task to the other. They suffer the loss of interest in the activities that they are doing and find themselves easily distracted by the slightest of sound or sights around them.

4. Zoning out is another symptom of ADHD. People suffering from this disease might find themselves lost in the middle of a conversation and their attention drifting off.

5. Difficulty in paying attention towards a situation and even focusing on one single thing is another symptom of ADHD.

6. A great tendency to overlook the tasks that have been assigned to the person, which leads him to commit errors and often leave the work incomplete in the middle.

7. Another symptom is the development of poor listening skills in a person. A person suffering from ADHD may find it very hard to recollect previous conversations and following the directions of others for the completion of the tasks.

8. Experiencing trouble while starting or ending the projects is another major symptom.

9. Chronic lateness during appointments and tending to forget meeting the deadlines assigned.

10. Constantly losing track of personal belongings such as phone, wallet, keys, files etc.

11. Demonstrating poor organizational skills at work or home.

These are some of the major symptoms of ADHD in adults. This can be accompanied by bouts of temper and hypersensitivity towards situations. If you experience any of these symptoms from time to time, then now is the time to consult your doctor and seek help towards the same.

Treatment of ADHD

Found prominently in people around the world, ADHD can be easily cured. The first step towards the cure of ADHD is the acceptance of the disease and taking a step towards understanding it in a better way than before. Though the disease comes with many challenges, it is very simple to manage it and lead productive and normal life despite of that.

Apart from seeking medical help, here are a few measures that you can take in order to ensure that you are able to take control of your life once again.

1. Healthy eating and exercising: Exercising and eating in a healthy way is the key towards controlling your ADHD. Both of these are going to generate excessive energy in your body and therefore, are going to soothe your nervous system. Not only that, eating healthy food is going to prove as a great boost to your metabolism and therefore, will streamline the inner working of your body.

2. Preventing Sleep deficiency: Sleep has to be complete and undisturbed for people suffering from ADHD. It is mandatory to gain 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Following this measure, you will be able to keep a tab over your mental activities and therefore avoid excess of mental stress.

3. Better time management: Since ADHD attacks the judgement and impairs it with anxiety attacks, it is recommended to set deadlines for everything. Timers and alarm clocks come in handy in such cases and make sure that deadlines are set for the tasks that are considered prior on your list. Also, taking a note of all the important things makes sure that you do not miss out on any direction.

4. Working on the interpersonal relationships: Keep in touch with your friends and try to spend more time with your family. ADHD attacks interpersonal relationships by diverging the attention of the victim. Try to be conversant in groups and cultivate healthy conversations in order to create a lasting relationship. Try not cutting in between when someone is speaking and make sure that you pay complete attention to others as well.

5. Helping you at work: People suffering from ADHD need to be extra cautious at work. Make sure that you always make lists based on the priority of things and use reminders and sticky notes in order to be vigilant. Try motivating yourself by doing what you like the most. Choose work as per your own interests and team up with people who are both creative and more organized.

The true battle with ADHD can only be fought when the sufferers decide that they need to win. By following the above mentioned methods, you will be able to gain considerable control over your life and the disease.

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