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Breaking Stereotypes Regarding Autism:

Autism all over the world has emerged to be known as a complex developmental disability. According to the experts, it is known that during the first three years of a child’s life, autism shows it’s very first symptoms. This mental condition arises due to the result of a neurological disorder which distorts the working of the normal brain function and therefore, goes out to affect the working as well as the development of the person’s communication as well as the social interaction skills with others.

Most of the people who suffer from autism are the ones that deal with the issues ranging from non verbal communication to a wide range of other social interaction skills that can also include playing as well as other peer interaction. A recent research has just proven the fact that people suffering from Autism also exhibit the same genetic traits as people suffering from ADHD, Bipolar Disorder or even Schizophrenia.

Due to the common inherited genetic variation, these diseases have emerged out to be the major psychological disorders affecting people all over the world.

What Really Autism Is! 

Autism is a wide spectrum disorder. A wide spectrum disease means that no two people who are suffering from autism can come to have the same symptoms. People suffering from autism suffer from a variation of symptoms and therefore, some can exhibit mild symptoms, while others can go in for the display of severe symptoms.

Autism affects more than 2 million people all over the world. Over the last couple of decades, there has been an increase of about 10- 17% in people suffering from autism all over the world. Not only that, autism is more exhibited five times in boys as compared to girls.

Causes of Autism

The reason for the occurrence of Autism is all in human genes which are passed from the parents to their children. Research has identified around more than 100 autism risk genes. In most of the cases of autism, it has been known that the reason for the occurrence of the disease is both the genes as well as the environmental factors around the child for that instance. The combination of these both can come out to influence the early brain development of the children during the formative years.

Due to the presence of the genetic predisposition towards autism, genes have come out to gain the central place in influencing the increase of the risk towards the occurrence of autism in children. Not only that, some of the environmental factors during pregnancy such as mental illness during pregnancy or the extreme prematurity of the child during birth are some of the other reasons for the occurrence of autism.

Sometimes, during delivery if there is a low supply of oxygen to the child, it too can result in the occurrence of autism. Mothers who have been exposed to a great amount of pesticides or air pollution too can emerge out to give birth to children with autism.

Symptoms Of Autism

Since autism is a wide spectrum disorder and every person exhibits different symptoms from one another, here are a few generalized symptoms that people suffering from autism exhibit :

1. Social Skills: The way in which a person suffering from autism communicates with others is very different as compared to other people. If the symptoms are not severe, then in that case, a person suffering from autism will often be clumsy or even sometimes offensive in their comments towards others.

Their speaking will often be out of sync. However, in case of severe symptoms, the people affected will not be interested in communicating with other people at all. 

People suffering from autism also shy away from making eye contact. However, with the constant help of teachers and parents, this can be done away, and this behaviour can be easily taught. Autistic people often tend to miss out on the clues given to each other and are not even aware when someone is trying to talk to them. They also lack the much needed talking as well as playing skills as compared to their counterparts.

2. Empathy :
Autistic people find it very tough to understand the feelings of others around them. Their ability to empathize with people around them is very weak. However, if they are reminded every time of their need to empathize with others, this can be improved considerably. As in the case of a frequent practice, they can empathize with the people around them. Also, autistic people are often the ones which indulge less in the exchange of the ideas, thoughts and feelings.

3. Physical Contact :
People suffering from autism also shirk away from the possibility of human contact. They do not like to be cuddled or touched unlike other children. However, this is untrue in the terms of their family. Children suffering from autism are very close to their families and do not disdain towards making physical contact with them.

4. Environmental changes :
Autistic people find loud noises as well as the sudden sights as very harsh and unpleasant. With the sudden change in the environment, temperature as well as the intensity of the light, people suffering from autism, find it very hard to adjust towards the environment. They are unprepared towards the element of surprise. However, on tutoring, they can emerge to embrace the change in a better way than before.

5. Speaking Skills :
Autistic people, depending on the severity of their disease can also have affected speaking skills. Some children with the disease cannot talk at all. While there are others that can only repeat the sentences that are being said around them. This is known as echolalia. Their tone can sound as flat and unnatural to people around them.

6. Repetitive Behaviours:
Autistic people suffer from predictability. They can go through the same notion time and again without realizing that they are repeating the same thing. Also, their routines may seem bizarre and out of place to other people. This repetitive behaviour can go on for short intervals of time to hours at length.

7. Physical Tics :
Autistic kids are known to develop tics. They can be some sudden physical movements that can be quite jerky. Also, these tics can be complicated and may go on for some time. A large number of people are able to control these tics, but not all can. Also, autistic people feel an urge to be expressed and therefore, these tics can often prove to be comfortable to them. Not only that, they are usually experienced in some place private and spacious.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Autism

Though it has been said that Autism cannot be diagnosed until the age of 18 to 24 months, there have been instances where the disease has been diagnosed in children as small as 8 to 12 months. Also, once the parents are on the lookout for the symptoms, they should be going in for the sightings of sounds, smiles or other expressions such as babbling, the lack of speech or social skills. Once the parents have observed the symptoms, they should take their children for the screening of autism to their doctor and therefore, go out to make sure that there is a timely intervention so that the chances for the improving of the condition as well as the maximization of the progress can be increased.

Since there is no known cure for autism, the best that the parents can give to their children is to make sure that they have a knowledgeable as well as a reputed team of healthcare professionals around them.

This is going to make sure that the children can learn to respond to the new needs appropriately and within the right frame of time.The doctors and healthcare professionals work out in a close network in order to bring out an effective approach towards the care of children who are affected with autism.

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