Avoid Your Office Weight Gain

By Refadoc, Posted on : Thursday, 04 December 2014 - 10:45 pm IST

Yes, offices can be tiresome and boring at times. Sometimes, all you want to do is sit down at your desk and munch along on that bag of chips. Other times, coffee seems like you new best friend. Little are we aware of the fact that these relentless munching and eating can have a negative impact on our body weight. Free work lunches, birthday celebrations and other temptations at work are sabotaging our weight loss efforts. So, here are a few tips to minimize your weight gain at work, without making you a party pooper.

Office Birthday Parties: It is a beloved colleague’s birthday, which means a cake is there, ready to be devoured! And how can you celebrate without overindulging? The answer is you simply go in for a smaller piece of the cake! Customize your dietary intake by going in for a smaller ratio of the cake as it is going to decrease your sugar intake!

Office Vending Machines: These machines tend to be one of the biggest attractions at your workplace. For a better self control, try adopting a new route around your office which does not include passing by these machines. If this is near to impossible, go about leaving your wallet in your locked desk drawer so that you don’t have the change handy for that bag of chips or a chocolate bar!

Candies: Communal candies are a common phenomenon gripping offices all over the world. Certain sweet colleagues of yours left some common candy in a communal area for everyone to try! Avoid getting into the temptation track and go in for some healthier snack option. Choose from a low fat range of granola bars or whole grain crackers.

Holiday Indulgence: So, you came back after the festive season only to find that your desk contains a handful of chocolates or other treats? The best way is to treat yourself to a few and refrigerate the others for sometime later. If you office has a tradition of exchanging sweets on birthdays or other important days, try asking your colleagues to go in for other options such as flowers, tea packets or something else that you like!

Get over the Mindless Snacking: Snacking is a phase we all go through at some part of our life or the other. People eat when they are bored or when they are busy procrastinating. Avoid the mindless snacking while you are working. Instead, take a small break, go to the lunchroom or the cafeteria and have your regular sized snack instead!

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