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By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 15 September 2015 - 10:46 am IST

Discontinuing the Habit: Bed Wetting:

There have been instances of children growing up to the age of seven and more, and still indulging in bed wetting. Parents are plagued and children are embarrassed with this habit of theirs. Children suffer from this habit, however, most tend to grow out of this and have no serious implications regarding this. However, there are many strategies which are in place so that the bedwetting patterns can be stopped. From rewards and positive reinforcements to alarm systems, everything can be put into place to curb the habit effectively.

Here are some of the most widely accepted as well as successful ways in order to get rid of the Bedwetting patterns:

Getting rid of misconceptions: There are specific bedwetting patterns which are abundant in children. Bedwetting often tends to run in the families. In most of the cases, the child learns to become dry at the same age at which the parents did. Bedwetting is not caused due to laziness, as the common misconception runs. It is recommended to get the input of the pediatrician in order to look for the ways to discontinue the habit rather than going for any other treatment option.

Checking for Medical Problems: It is very important to get a check on the medical history of the child in order to rule out the possibilities of a medical problem behind the bedwetting pattern. In many cases, the child is indulged in primary enuresis, which means that he has to wet the bed always. This is basically caused due to the delay in the maturation of the bladder mechanisms of the affected child. However, if this condition is consistent, even after the primary enuresis, then it is termed as secondary enuresis, which can occur due to any underlying stress or trauma experienced by the child. This calls for counselling or other treatment options.

Reinforcement and stopping the bedwetting: Urinary Bed Alarms are the best used measures in order to get rid of the bedwetting patterns for a long term. These alarms are available in the market in variety. They can range from a moisture sensor to an alarm. A very unique model is the one which makes the use of a moisture sensor which is worn underneath the shorts or the pyjamas. This is then attached to the alarm box which is worn on the shirt. This sensor can detect the moisture and can sound the alarm immediately, which leads to alerting and waking up the child, allowing him to go to the bathroom.

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