Benefits of eating Watermelons during Pregnancy

By Refadoc, Posted on : Friday, 19 June 2015 - 5:16 pm IST

Benefits of eating Watermelons during Pregnancy

Eat fruits regularly – this is one of the most common advise that pregnant women come across by their doctors and family members. There are numerous fruits which you can choose from while you are pregnant. Watermelon rules the list of fruits which you should be consuming during the course of your pregnancy for it provides many benefits to you and your unborn child. Here are some of the major reasons why you should be including Watermelon into your list of fruits:

  • Watermelon helps to ease the heart burns: It is also very soothing for your stomacg. Pregnant women are known to suffer from digestion problems such as acidity and heart burn. In such a case, Watermelon brings immediate relief to you.
  • Watermelons are also known to ease the swelling caused on the hands and feet of pregnant women. Since watermelon contains a high water content, it reduces the blockage in the veins and the muscles, thereby preventing edema.
  • Eases Morning Sickness: Watermelon, when consumed during the first trimester of pregnancy is known to provide a soothing and light start to the day. It also contains many nutritional and energizing properties which can ease in the case of morning sickness.
  • Prevents Dehydration: Pregnant women are often advised to drink plenty of water as dehydration can cause premature contractions and can even lead to a premature birth. Since watermelon contains around 90% water content, therefore, they are an excellent source of water for pregnant women.
  • Prevents Muscle Cramps: During the course of pregnancy, a woman’s body also goes through many changes. Due to the extra weight gain and the hormones, the muscles and the bones of the body might ache. In such a case, consuming a watermelon helps the body to cope up with these changes in a better way.
  • Prevents Pigmentation: A lot of pregnant women suffer from pigmentation. Watermelons are known to keep the bowel movements smooth and ease the digestion of the food. This helps the women to gain a better skin texture. Therefore, a watermelon can go a long way to make sure that your skin is cleansed regularly.
  • Watermelon works as a great cleaner for the internal organs of the body and keeps them all in a healthy condition.



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