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Someone has rightly said that ones eyes are the most precious organ of ones body for they help us to perceive the world around us in a different way. Eye Care treatment is gaining momentum on an everyday basis with a lot of people experiencing the weakness in their corneas and the eye muscles. These days, even the young children also experience short sightedness, leading them to wear spectacles from a young age. 


have come up with an analyses for what major problems affect the people of the city and what can be done about it.

Some of the most common vision problems affecting people are nearsightedness,farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Apart from that, the changes in the shape of the cornea and wearing down of the lens due to age are some other problems which affect the people of a senior age. Some of the common symptoms of these problems are double vision, haziness, formation of glare or a halo around bright light, squinting,and headache as well as eye strain. The 

Eye Specialists for Eye Sight Problem Treatment 

state out that these problems are quite simple to solve if the patient comes forward in time in seeking the proper course of treatment.

Chalazion is another problem which affects people on the large in the city. It is a small bump which tends to appear on the eyelid due to the blocking of the oil glands. It can either develop on the lower or the upper eyelid and can block ones vision. Some of the common symptoms of a Chalazion are:

  • Formation of a tender spot on the eyelid
  • Formation of a large lump around the eyelid
  • Tearing of the eyes
  • Blurred or blocked vision
  • Increased sensitivity towards light

According to the 

doctors for Chalazion Treatment

, acombination of medications, home care, and surgeries can be done for the treatment of the malady. Often, antibiotics and eye drops can be used along with a warm compress in order to treat the infection. However, if it does not improve over a period of a month, then a surgery may be required for treating it.

Though Blindness maybe caused due to a large number of reasons, however, it forms a major cause for patients to visit their ophthalmologists.


have pointed out conditions such as Diabetes, Cataracts, Eye Infections, Glaucoma and injury to the eye are some of the major reasons behind Blindness in India. Apart from these, the deficiency of Vitamin A, Stroke, Ocular Inflammatory Diseases, Retinitis Pigmentosa and other congenital diseases may also cause Blindness. Though their causes maybe immense, according to the 

Eye Doctors for Blindness Treatment

, the treatment for blindness depends on the cause behind it. In a large number of cases in India, people are just suffering from a refractive error, which can be cured by prescribing the right glasses to them. Apart from that, changes in the diet can help to overcome the blindness which is caused due to nutritional deficiency. In case of Cataracts, a cataract surgery can be performed in order to restore the vision of the affected person. Not only that, the inflammatory and infectious blindness can be cured with a combination of medications such as eye drops and antibiotic pills.

Diabetic Retinopathy is another major disease which comes across a challenge to the 


. The condition is a common complication caused due to Diabetes. It occurs when the high levels of blood sugar start damaging the cells of the retina. If left untreated, it can lead to blindness. Even if you visit the 

best Ophthalmologist for Diabetic retinopathy Treatment

, he will suggest you to control the blood sugar level and inform you about the various treatment options available such as:

  • Laser Treatment: This treatment is offered for the worst cases (stage 3 or 4)
  • Intravitereal Injections: These are recommended to the patients suffering from Maculopathy.
  • Vitroretinal Surgery: This is needed in case the laser treatment cannot work due to the advancement of the condition.

Though Eye Infections caused due to bacteria and fungi may not be considered too?dangerous, they are contagious in nature and should be contained within time. 


state that some of the most common symptoms of eye infections are: red eyes, pain, discharge from the eyes, sensitivity towards light, watery or dry eyes, swelling, itching and blurring of the vision.

Ophthalmologists for Eye Infection Treatment 

told us that bacterial eye infections can be easily treated with quick options such as antibiotic eye drops, ointments and compresses. In case of Viral Eye infections, an antiviral drop maybe needed in order to reduce the rate of inflammation. Sometimes, the antibiotics and antiviral medications may also be prescribed orally. 



had only one advice for everyone take special care of your eyes as they are the most sensitive organ of your body and make sure that you schedule a visit with your Ophthalmologist once in every six months!

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