Breaking Your Dog's Begging Habit

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 09 March 2015 - 11:03 am IST

Sure your dinner smells amazing to you and it smells the same to your pet. However, how do you stop the begging habit of your dog? It is very common for pets to beg for food around the dinner table; it is very important to address this issue as soon as possible in order to protect your dog from developing bad habits and from gaining excessive body weight.

Where do you start from? Before you start teaching your dog from begging, you have to start with the basic obedience training stops which as sit and lie down. With small, pea sized treats you can start teaching your dog to stand and sit down.

Once your dog has mastered the trick to sit down, you can next ask your dog to lie down and get these treats. During the dinner time, you can ask your dog to settle down and can give him the long lasting treat which he has been wanting from a long time. The lure of the table food can be very appealing for your dog, therefore you have to train your dog to stop begging for the food and lie down during the mealtime. The key to consistency is to reward your dog with the good behavior, instead of the bad one.

If you are considering begging to be an attention seeking behavior, it is recommended to ignore your dog for a little bit. As a last resort, a dog timeout is the best thing which can be reinforced in your dog’s training schedule and to promote dog obedience. If your previous approach was to give into the begging and feed your dog from the plate, it is recommended to put a stop to this practice and to be more patient with your re training efforts.

It is very important to stay consistent with your dog’s training while this extinction pattern is reoccurring. If you dog are reacting in this particular way, it means that the training is working and the dog obedience during the dinner time is going to be pretty rewarding.


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