Canine Acne

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 09 March 2015 - 11:04 am IST

Canine Acne is an ugly yet common condition which affects dogs all over the world. Though the acne is benign and self limiting, it can show up while your dog is going through the adolescent age, at approximately 5-8 months of age. In most cases, the condition tends to improve on its own without even the use of a face wash or a pimple cream.

Signs and Symptoms of Canine Acne:

Red Bumps as well as blackheads are found commonly on the chin and the lips of young dogs. In some cases, they can become infected and can be filled with pus, which can cause your puppy to seek relief by scratching their face against the common household things.

Risks of Canine Acne:

Short coated dogs such as Boxers, Bulldogs as well as Rottweiler’s are often the ones which tend to be stricken by acne more as compared to the other breeds of dogs. It is an unresolved mystery as to why some breeds are struck with acne while the others are not. However, hormones and trauma can also play a major role in the development of acne amongst dogs.

Tests and Treatment of Canine Acne:

Acne is more of an eyesore as compared to a condition. Two of the most common conditions which can be confused with acne are Demodicosis and Ringworm. However, once you take your pet to the vet, he will be able to diagnose the condition and can prescribe a canine specific acne treatment which is safe for the dog. This can be similar to the one which is used by humans for the treatment of acne, rich in Benzyl Peroxide but in a lower concentration.

Prevention of Acne:

Depending upon the root cause of acne in your dog, it can be recommended to change the diet of the dog, to remove any materials which could be causing irritation in order to decrease the chances of future outbreak. It can also be recommended to change the bowl of the pet from plastic to metal or porcelain in order to prevent the acne. 

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