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Cataract - Overview

Cataract is better known as the clouding with envelops the eye of the patient and thus causes an impairment in the vision of the person. As a person starts to age, the proteins in the lens of the eye begin to break down gradually and therefore cause the lens to become cloudy. People suffering from Cataract do not even realize that they are suffering from the disease until their vision starts to become dull and blurred with the passing of time and then becomes impaired completely. Though Cataracts are known not to be much dangerous after some years they begin to impede the vision. It has been found that people above the age of 65 are known to contract cataract generally. Also, people between the ages of 75 to 85 are known to have lost their vision owing to Cataract.

The build up of the proteins in the eye ball and lens prevents the light from passing between the lenses of the eye and therefore, causes the loss of the vision of the patient. Since it has been known that the new lens cells are the ones that are formed on the outside of the lens, therefore, the old cells of the lens are often left compacted from within the centre and therefore, results in creating cataract in the patient.

Types of Cataract

There are different kinds of Cataracts that are known all over the world. Some of them are as follows:

1. Age Related Cataracts : As it is suggestive from the name, these are the kind of cataracts that are contracted due to the aging process of the body.

2. Congenital Cataracts : These are the ones that are inborn. There have been cases when babies have been born with cataracts due to any prior infection, injuries or even poor development as a foetus. This kind of cataract can also be contracted during the early stages of childhood.

3. Secondary Cataracts : These are the ones that are developed due to resultant medical conditions like diabetes. Also, overexposure towards toxics, drugs and even UV Radiations from the sunlight can cause this kind of cataract.

4. Traumatic Cataracts : These are resultant due to some injury borne directly to the eye.
Some of the other reasons for the occurrence of Cataract can also be exposure towards smoke, excessive air pollution and even the alcohol consumption of a person.

Signs And Symptoms Of Cataract

Cataracts are usually known to form slowly in people and that is one of the only reasons why the few symptoms that are noticed during this are known in the later stage by the patients.

Some of the major symptoms for Cataract are as follows:

1. Vision of the person tends to become cloudy, blurry, foggy or even filmy at times.
2. In old patients, the nearsightedness develops, which is often known as ‘second light’ – this is called so, because patients do not need reading glasses anymore.
3. There is an abrupt change in the colour of objects because of the discoloured lens acting as a filter to the light.
4. Assumed problems while driving out in the night, caused basically due to the glare of vehicles.
5. Glare problems all throughout the day
6. Double vision in people, often caused due to the superimposition of the images
7. Change in the prescription of the glasses.
8. Development of halos around the light

Major Risk Factors For Cataract

Some of the major risk factors that are known to aggravate the occurrence of Cataract in people are as follows:

1. Aging
2. Excessive alcohol consumption
3. Eye injuries
4. Smoking
5. Obesity
6. High blood pressure
7. Diabetes
8. Overexposure towards UV radiations
9. Family history of cataract

Diagnosis Of Cataracts

Cataracts are quite easy to be diagnosed. Upon getting a consultation by the eye care professional, a person can go in for the dilated eye exam which is known to diagnose cataract.

Also, medical professionals, tend to get the vision checked of the patients in different lighting conditions in order to update the prescription of their glasses.

Imaging as well as invasive testing is generally not required in order to diagnose the cataract in patients. A complete eye exam can reveal the condition to the eye specialist and help in the speedy diagnoses of the condition.

Treatment Of Cataracts

Most of the times, some of the simplest ways such as changing the prescription of the glasses; which may include the bifocals as well as the contacts can be used in order to treat the cataract conditions in patients. These tend to eliminate the need for corrective surgery in most of the cases.

However, in some of the rare cases, cataracts cannot be cured with the help of the change in prescription. In such cases, cataract surgery is the best available option for the patients. This surgery makes sure that the clouded lenses are removed and are replaced with new artificial as well as clear lens.

A cataract surgery is known to be conducted on an outpatient basis and is known to be extremely successful in restoring the vision of the patient back to normal. It has been estimated that all over the world more than 1.5 million cataract surgeries take place every year.

Preventive Measures of Cataract

Due to uncertain knowledge regarding the exact cause for the occurrence of cataract, there has been known no real measure in order to prevent it.

However, it is recommended to have eye checkups at regular intervals in order to keep a tab over the condition of your eyes. Also, in case a person has a history for cataract, he should be getting an annual check-up done, without fail.


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