Chicken: The Ultimate Protein Source for Your Dog

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 09 March 2015 - 11:06 am IST

Chicken is one of the major key ingredients in our dog’s foods. It is an animal based protein and can help your dog to maintain its muscle structure. It is a source of protein which is known to provide all the essential amino acids which are need by the dogs for the functioning of their major systems. Chicken also makes up for an excellent taste.

Chicken Ingredients used in dog foods:

Some of the most common chicken ingredients include chicken meat, chicken by product and chicken fat. Apart from this, chicken flesh and skin without the internal organs and feathers are also used. Chicken meal includes flesh, skin and bone that have been cleaned, dried, cooked and grounded. Chicken fat, which is a high quality energy source, is able to provide the dog with the essential fatty acids such as linoleum acid, which helps to support the skin and coat health of your dog.

Another common chicken based ingredient which is used is chicken flavor which is also known as chicken digest. The natural chicken flavor is also known to add nutrients and palatability to the meal. It also contains high quality protein and fat materials which have been reduced to amino acids and fatty acids to improve the taste of the meal via an enzymatic process.

The reason why internal organs are included in the chicken by product is because it is a rich source of protein and iron which is essential to the dog’s health and adds to the flavor of the food. Some ground bone, which is added to the diet, helps to improve the overall quality of the product by adding nutrients such as calcium to the food.

Naturally, chicken is the best source of protein for your dog as it naturally contains the required amount of amino acids needed by the cats and the dogs. 

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