Decoding Major Marriage Myths

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 07 January 2015 - 6:13 am IST

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Marriage – a social institution which is known to survive the test of the time and give us many challenges throughout the period of our association. However, there are a lot of myths which have been attached to the stigma known as Marriage. Here we are, trying to decode some of those myths:

  • Myth #1: Marriage is a meeting of the minds:

The truth is, that none of us can truly and completely understand how our spouse is viewing the world, because we are all historically and genetically different. Though it is good to see things through each other’s eyes, the fact is that men and women tend to view things completely differently.

  • Myth #2: Marriage Needs Amazing Romance

Being is love and falling in love are two completely different things. The intense feelings which one goes through the courtship period cannot last for a long time. You should not feel that your relationship is falling apart since you are missing the spark of the earlier days. Instead of lamenting, move on to the next stage of love – search for a deeper level of commitment where you can discover a deeper and more richer experience.

  • Myth #3: Marriage Means You Solve All the Problems:

The truth is that only a few real conflicts ever get resolved. And resolving a conflict means that one of you would have to sacrifice their beliefs. But then, why should one opinion be more important than the other? Happy couples therefore, often agree to disagree.

  • Myth #4: Marriage is Peaceful:

No. There are arguments – a lot of arguments. But then arguing is known to actually help a relationship by releasing all the pent up tension. What’s important is how you argue: attacking the other person is very damaging and destructive. So, choose the way how you put up your point without being disrespectful to the other person.

  • Myth #5: Marriage Allows You to Vent All Your Feelings:

Voicing all that you feel maybe a good idea sometimes, but later you may realize that you did not mean all that you did say. Therefore, before you go out and say something disastrous, make sure that you think it over and give yourself some breathing place. Do not be dishonest, but be sure of how you feel.

  • Myth #6: Marriage has nothing to do with Sex:

Sex is known to make up for 10% of what is important in a relationship. However, if there is no good sex, the issue tends to be bloated and becomes a major focus, which can lead to destructive or anxious behavior. Therefore, there must always be a sexual bond and a chemistry which makes you realize that you are more than friends, you are mates. 

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