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By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 05 October 2015 - 3:55 pm IST

Good oral health can make all the difference in your outlook towards the world around you. Though dental treatments may have become more varied now and they might come up with an additional cost attached, you should always have the options out in front of you when you are deciding about the choice of the healthcare treatment that you are looking for. Bangalore has come up as one of the highly developed cities in India. It boasts about its technology and ability to keep up with the latest trends. Dentists too are keeping up with the advancement in the technology across the world and coming up with the most state-of-the-art techniques for retaining your dental health.

Different new treatments are coming up for the people suffering from various dental conditions such as Gum diseases or Gingivitis, missing teeth, sensitivity, dryness of the mouth and tooth decay. Dentists are known to report an increase in the number of people coming forward seeking treatment for Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Since this disease has no known warning signs or symptoms, dentists suggest to go in for periodic checkups and examinations in order to stay abreast of the disease. Not only that, with the advancement of the treatment methods, there are better chances to diagnose and treat the disease without any pain.

On an average, there is an increased chance of people between the ages of 20 to 64 to experience decay and missing teeth. Dentists put forward many theories behind the cause of missing, broken or fractured teeth. Due to a missing or broken teeth, you might experience a shift amongst the rest of your teeth or experience bone loss around the area of the missing tooth. The best doctors for Fractured Tooth Treatment have put forward three major treatment options for treating missing teeth:

  • Bridges: These can be anchored along with the adjacent tooth and can be also removed or fixed depending on the cavity of your mouth.
  • Dentures: This option is only recommended if you have lost most or all of your teeth.
  • Implants: These resemble your natural tooth and can be easily fixed in place of your missing tooth.

In the past couple of years, Teeth Whitening has also become hugely popular amongst the general populace. However, majority of people have a very little knowledge about it. For Teeth Whitening Treatment, Dentists told us that they check for the enamel thickness, receding gums, sensitivity index and tooth decay percentage of the patient before going ahead with the treatment. Not only that, they also check for the causes behind the discoloration of the teeth such as diet, drinking, smoking or ageing factors. Once theseassessments have been made, only then they can continue with the best course of treatment.

Dentists are also dealing with a large number of cases for Bruxism or Teeth Grinding amongst children. Some of the best dentists for teeth grinding treatment have come up with treatments such as repairing the tooth damage, fixing up the teeth with fillings and providing special mouth guards or bite splints to the children to wear at night in order to get rid of this habit. Around 5% of the kids in the city are suffering from this condition.

Gingivitis is another condition which is affecting a large percentage of people in the city. Doctors for Gingivitis Treatment recommend their patients to brush their teeth regularly twice a day and flossing when they can so that they can limit the amount of the plaque buildup. In some cases the treatment may also require the dentist to provide an antibiotic to the patient in order to help the immune system of the body to fight against the bacterial infection. Once the plaque has been removed by the dentist, the patient has to take maximum care to ensure that he practices proper dental hygiene in order to prevent the accumulation of the plaque.

Dentists have also recounted that a large number of their young clientele come over for the removal of their wisdom tooth. With an increase in the Wisdom Tooth Treatment, dentists have been able to tell us that since the wisdom tooth are not able to come through in a useful position, due to the lack of space along the jaw, they often cause pain and discomfort. Some of them also come through partially or in a decayed form, which poses a problem while cleaning them. Therefore, taking them out comes across asthe best option.

While Bangalore seems to be topping the charts with the largest number of dentists and the best course of treatment available, we suggest you to visit some of the best dentists periodically for a regular checkup and to maintain that picture perfect smile!

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