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India is known to suffer from the highest rate of heart diseases amongst all countries of South Asia. These rampant health crisis are caused due to the unhealthy lifestyle of the people as well as the wrong food habits. In developed and fast paced cities, such as, the rate of heart diseases is on a rise. 


 are of the view that health negligence on the part of the people is also one of the major factors that dictate the trend for an unhealthy heart amongst them. Some of the best Diabetologist also suggest that a regular screening and a full body test from time to time can help in the detection of the disease.

Adults are the ones who suffer from Diabetes the most. Adult Diabetes, which is also known as Type 2 Diabetes is the one which is caused due to decrease in the production of Insulin by the body, coupled with genetic defects and extra body weight. With the increased accumulation of glucose in the liver, different chain reactions can lead up to Diabetes. Over the passage of time, the long term effects of the disease can lead to the failure of several body organs such as heart, blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, nerves etc. It can also adversely affect pregnant women. Some of the doctors dealing with

Adult Diabetes Treatment

 have been able to tell us that with the blood sugar monitoring, healthy eating, and regular exercising and with medication and insulin therapy, patients can maintain their blood sugar levels easily and keep the disease in control. 


 are also of the view that given the correct course of treatment, the disease can be managed easily. Some of the 

top Diabetes Doctors

 also point out to the use of medications such as Metformin, Sulfonylureas, Meglitinides and Thiazolidinediones for the treatment of the disease. Doctors practicing the treatment of Diabetes by 

Insulin Treatment

 bring out the use of various devices such as Reusable Insulin Pens which may be used once and then can be discarded away. These pens contain a dosage of about 0.3 ml, 0.5 ml and 1 ml of Insulin within them and come with battery operated devices which can deliver a small amount of Insulin in the bloodstream along with the regular meals. Your doctor would be the best person to advise you as to what injection device would work the best for you. Some of the major injection sites on the body for these pumps are the Abdomen, upper outer arms, buttocks and the upper outer thighs. Insulin is the most effective when injected on a regular basis here.

Type 1 Diabetes is the one which is the most common of its kind affecting children and young adults. Type 1 Diabetes is also known as Juvenile Diabetes or Insulin Dependent Diabetes.

Childhood Diabetes Doctors

 are of the view that usually the immune system of children suffering from this disease is weak which mistakenly destroys the Islets cells in the Pancreas, triggering the onset of the disease.


 are also of the view that Childhood diabetes needs a lot of care, monitoring, insulin injection and healthy eating for the patients. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), combined with the everyday injection of Insulin in the bloodstream is known to work wonders for the treatment of Childhood Diabetes. Not only that, the kinds of Insulin available for children suffering from the disease also vary. Such as:

  1. Rapid Acting Insulin: It contains of treatments such as Insulin Lispro and InsulimAspart which starts working in about 5-15 minutes from the time of injection.
  2. Short Acting Insulin: It consists of Human Insulin (Insulin R, Novolin R etc) which start working in about 30 minutes from the time of injection and start peaking in about 2-4 hours after they have been injected.
  3. Long Acting Insulin: It consists of Insulin Glargine and Insulin Determir which have no peak time may provide action for about 20-26 hours.
  4. Intermediate Acting Insulin: It consists of NPH Insulin which starts working in about 30 minutes and peaks in at about 4-6 hours after injection.


are of a view that regular injection of Insulin, coupled along with a healthy lifestyle, everyday physical activity, regular blood sugar monitoring and flexibility in the everyday routine can provide a healthy and normal life to anyone who is suffering from Diabetes. Getting proper sleep every day and taking proper care of one’s health combined with a regular and routine visit to the doctor after every successive month can make sure that you are in the best of your health and away from harm’s way! Diabetes is just another disease that can be easily tamed by self discipline!

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