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Eating Disorder

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 15 September 2015 - 10:46 am IST

Symptoms of Eating Disorder

Do you suspect that your child is suffering from an Eating Disorder? In recent times various studies have confirmed that Bulimia and Anorexia have emerged to be some of the mainstream disorders affecting teenagers all over the world. If you deduce that your kid too is suffering from an ailment like that, then you should be looking for these symptoms:

  •   Tremendous loss of weight in a short span time.
  •   Dressing up in according to the body size, i.e. wearing too big or baggy clothes
  •   Being obsessive about weight and calories
  •   Consistently complaining about the weight problems
  •   A great obsession with exercising
  •   Regular visits to the bathroom right after having the meals.
  •   Resisting the food and opting for self-starvation
  •   Forceful Purging of the food
  •   Using diet pills, laxatives as well as enemas in order to get rid of the ingested food.
  •   Avoiding eating food in front of others
  •   Having strange food rituals such as cutting up of the food in a particular way, avoiding eating the food, eating small bites, not swallowing the food or dropping food frequently in order to throw it away.
  •   Hiding food in inconspicuous places such as closets, bins, suitcases or even under the bed.
  •   Flushing of uneaten food down the drain
  •   Having vague as well as very secretive eating patterns
  •   Maintaining a food diary and noting down the resisting patterns, calories as well as the exercise regimens.
  •   Visiting websites and looking for ways to lose weight
  •   Hair loss
  •   Gray tone of the skin
  •   Headaches and dizziness
  •   Lowering of the self esteem
  •   A consistent feeling of worthlessness
  •   Lowering of the blood pressure
  •   Constipation
  •   Loss of the sexual drive
  •   Mood swings
  •   Bout of depression and fatigue
  •   Insomnia and poor sleeping habit

So if your child is suffering from the above-mentioned symptoms, it is best to consult a psychologist and a dietician, about it seeking the right treatment at the right time can save your child’s life. 

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