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Epididymitis - Oveview

Epididymitis is known as the inflammation of the epididymis which is a tube that is located on the back of the testicles. Epididymis is a tube which stores as well as carries the sperms from the testicles.

Epididymitis as a condition is very common in men aged between 19 and 35 years of age. This disease is basically caused due to an infection which is basically bacterial or sexually transmitted in nature. The best treatment option for the disease is antibiotics.

Causes of Epididymis

Non sexual infection is the major reason for the occurrence of Epididymitis. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) as well as prostrate infections are the major reasons for the occurrence of Epididymitis.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as gonorrhoea and Chlamydia are also the major reasons for the occurrence of Epididymitis.

Some of the major reasons for the disease are as follows:

  •   Having unprotected sex
  •   Structural problems with the urinary tract
  •   Urinary Tract surgeries
  •   Enlargement of the prostate gland due to blockage
  •   Use of heart medications
  •   Circumcision
  •   Tuberculosis

Signs and Symptoms of Epididymis

Some of the major symptoms of Epididymis are as follows:

  •   Chills accompanied with fever
  •   Pressure on the testicles
  •   Pain in the pelvic regions
  •   Painful as well as swollen scrotum
  •   Enlargement in the lymph nodes near the groin
  •   Blood in the semen
  •   Urgent and frequent urination urge
  •   Tenderness in the testicles

Diagnoses of Epididymis

When a person with the above symptoms does for the disease, firstly a physical examination is done. In this, the testicular swelling and the swelling of the lymph nodes is looked for. Then the doctor looks the patient for the discharge from the penis. The swab for the same is collected and is tested for the STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

A rectal exam is also conducted in order to look for the reason for the diagnosis of the disease due to the enlargement of the prostate gland. Often, a CBC (Complete Blood Count) is done in order to look for the infection within the system. A urine sample exam as well as a Urinalysis is done in order to look for the urinary tract infections and STI’s.

Sometimes, the imaging tests are done in order to rule out the conditions such as Testicular Torsion. Ultrasounds are done in which the sound waves are used to create the image of internal structures in order to look for any tumours, if any.

Treatments for Epididymis

For the treatment for the Epididymis, the major goal is to check the body for the treatment of the underlying infection.

Some of the most common treatment options are as follows:

  •   Antibiotics
  •   Medications for pain
  •   Anti Inflammation medications
  •   Cold Therapy – application of the cold packs to the scrotum
  •   Wearing of the athletic cup for support
  •   Abstaining from sexual intercourse

Surgery is also another option to treat the condition, in this, the affected part of the epididymis is removed. Also, if there are any other defects with the epididymis, they are duly treated.

However, antibiotics are the best course for the treatment, so make sure that medication course is completed well in time in order to gain a perfect treatment for the disease. 

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