Everything You Need to Know about Discoloration and Whitening of Teeth at Home

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 09 November 2016 - 3:01 pm IST

Everything You Need to Know about Discoloration and Whitening of Teeth at Home

There are a large number of reputed cosmetic dental clinics in India, across the major metropolitan cities of Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments performed at these centers. As such, the procedure helps remove unwanted and unsightly stains from your teeth, making them retain their natural brightness and shine. The therapy helps to make your smile more attractive and beautiful. In fact, a beautiful and confident smile can help you in ways more than one in achieving more satisfaction in both personal and professional lives. 

Factors for discolouration

According to dentists in Bangalore, there are several factors that can lead to losing of natural brightness of the molars. These include: 

  • Excessive consumption of beverages like tea, coffee and red wine
  • Over consumption of tobacco, either by smoking or chewing

The outer layer of a tooth pops up from gums and is called the enamel. Unhealthy activities mentioned above leads to formation of a thin coating on the enamel every day. This coating is called pellicle, in dentistry jargon, and attracts the stains. Even the enamel can retain the stains in its pores.

Options for whitening the molars

The cosmetic dentistry treatment can had either in-chair at a dentist’s office or can be performed in one’s home. You are free to choose your option according to your convenience. However, it is better to avail the treatment from a pair of trained and professional hands at first and then, to perform it at home based on the given instructions. 

Here are some helpful tips for people who want to perform it within the domestic environment of their residences. 

Tips on teeth whitening at home


  • Before every session of the treatment that you perform at home, it is necessary to wash the mouth thoroughly. You should brush properly and even perform flossing for the purpose. Then, you should also rinse the mouth well to remove the last bit of toothpaste.
  • You should take precaution to avoid unnecessary wastage of the whitening gel. Apply just a small quantity of the gel to the bleaching trays. You should particularly remain aware about not to overfill those trays. Experts providing confident dental care in Chennai suggest wiping out the excess gel from the jaw line using a cotton ball or a piece of cloth, after the tray is set in the mouth.
  • You should place the tray in the mouth just before you go to sleep at night. Just make sure, you do not drink, eat or smoke with the trays in your mouth. Time required for the therapy to workout is never uniform for everyone. However, impressive results start showing up within the first few sessions.

After taking the tray out in the morning, you should rinse the mouth well with lukewarm water so that there is no trace of the gel left behind. Teeth sensitivity is a common outcome of the cosmetic dental treatment and you should better be prepared for that. You can also seek advice of the best dentist in Bangalore for keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

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