Excessive Texting and Shallowness

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 25 February 2015 - 11:51 pm IST

Teens and adults who text frequently, for instance more than 300 text messages in a day are at a risk for more than sore thumbs, as suggested by a study.

Heavy texters are known to be a little more materialistic as compared to their counterparts and are a less concerned about their inward growth. Frequent Texting can be easily co-related to the traits, goals as well as attitudes of teenagers. They also, coincidentally, point on to low interest and engagement in reflective thought on part of teenagers. People who text very frequently are also more concerned about the wealth and their image as compared to people who do not text often.

One of the major theories towards this habit in teenagers is the cause and the effect. There are a hundred different reasons as to why these associations tend to exist. Though the overall size of the findings tends to be small in absolute terms, the findings are very reliable across different terms. The researchers were able to develop a questionnaire in order to check the texting trends in students:

  •          A standard personality test was done in order to measure the traits of extroversion and openness towards new experiences.
  •          A questionnaire was designed in order to measure the tendencies of the teenagers to involve in reflection and self contemplation.
  •          A survey was conducted in order to check the importance of different life goals such as wealth, fame, image, power, achievement, morality as well as spirituality amongst others.

The researchers were aiming to see if texting frequency has an effect on the test results and were testing the shallow hypothesis. It has been suggested that a very brief media social interaction such as texting encourages rapid as well as relatively shallow thought.



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