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By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 15 September 2015 - 10:46 am IST

Fertility has emerged as one of the major concerns, which is affecting women all over the world. Throughout their youth, women try out ways in order to not get pregnant. However, when the right time to conceive comes, they want to know about the ways in order to enhance their fertility and the chances to get pregnant timmediately.

Breaking the Misconceptions

One of the biggest misconceptions about being pregnant is that you can become pregnant very easily! However, scientific research has indicated otherwise. An average woman has only 20-25% chance of getting pregnant after every menstrual cycle.

Beyond this misconception of easy impregnation, there is another major misconception and that is, if a couple are unable to conceive, then it is always the fault of the woman. Research studies have shown that half of the cases of infertility are caused due to the low sperm count or low sperm motility of the male partner.

Ways to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving

Though fertility diets are known to boost up your chances of maintaining your fertile health, here are some other ways via which you can drastically increase your chances of conceiving:

Avoiding the Trans Fat: Trans Fats are known to deter the chances of ovulation and conception. Even an amount as low as four grams a day is known to have a negative effect on a woman trying to conceive. Trans Fat is found in the fried and processed foods. It is always recommended) to pick up healthy and natural foods over Trans Fats as they are rich in nutrients, antioxidants as well as folic acid. Citrus Fruits, leafy vegetables, broccoli and cereals should always be picked over Trans Fats.

Choosing Protein Rich Diet: It has been observed that women who pick plant protein over animal protein, such as beef, chicken or pork are known to be 39% more prone to fertility issues as compared to their counterparts. Foods rich in plant protein such as beans, tofu and nuts should always be picked over meat proteins.

Enriching your Carb Intake: It has been found out that the quantity of carbs play a lower factor than the quality of the carbs in order to determine the fertile health of a person. Fast carbs such as bread and potatoes which are easily digested by the body are known to decrease the chances of conception. Slow carbs such as brown rice and whole grains on the other hand are known to increase your chances of conceiving.

Consulting a Gynaecologist: It is always recommended to get in touch with your gynaecologist before you start trying conceive. The doctor will be able to advise you about the working of the cycle and ways in which you can predict your ovulation. Women can start tracking their monthly cycles and can predict the most fertile periods while they are ovulating.

Getting Pregnant: Things to Stay Away from!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards getting pregnant. Therefore, during this period, it is recommended to stay clear of substances such as tobacco, alcohol or other drugs which may prove toxic for the baby. Skipping your cup of coffee in the morning too is known to boost your chances of being fertile. Women who are trying to conceive should also minimize the daily stress in life.

Couples should not get discouraged if they are not able to succeed in the first attempt. Gaining the correct information coupled with optimal use of resources can emerge out as the best way for couples to boost their fertile health.


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