Have Yourself an Allergy Free Holidays

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 16 December 2014 - 5:53 am IST


It’s that time of the year when friends and family gather together in order to celebrate the holidays and the happy times with each other. However, in order to enjoy this time, we have to put a special focus on our health and our lifestyle. This time of the year can be very difficult for people who suffer from allergies as the holidays carry with them hidden risks and potential germs.

So, here are a few expert tips in order to make sure that you have happy and allergy free holidays:

  • Clean down your tree: During the festive season, mini allergies explosions with a variety of complain are quite common. Your very own Christmas tree can be a live trigger releasing mold spores into your home within days when you put it up. Therefore, make sure that you wipe the tree down properly and dry it before putting it up in your home. Also, different molds tend to be present on a live tree, so, the risk of spore counts within your home goes up by six times within a week of putting the tree. Installing a HEPA air filter can provide you with some relief from the spores and molds.
  • Try going Scent Free: If you or your family members suffer from allergies, then the strong fragrances emerging from potpourri, scented candles as well as decorations can cause irritation to the eyes, ears and the nose. Try making use of the natural decorations such as flowers such as carnations, tulips and orchids instead of going artificial.
  • Choose a Scrubbing Plant: Certain plants are known to scrub and clean the indoor air which is very helpful during the winter season in order to remove the pollutants and to improve the indoor air quality. Aloe Vera, English ivy, Bamboo palm and rubber plant are a few major scrubbing plants you can choose from.
  • Clean the air: Using a room or a HEPA air filter can help you to reduce the chances of the indoor air pollutants accumulation such as cat dander or dog hair.
  • Try remaining Dry: If your home is humidified regularly, try not overdoing it. Try to measure the use of the indoor moisture level in your home with the help of a hygrometer in order to keep the indoor humidity levels at no level higher than 40-50%.
  • Snow Sprays are a strict no: Try avoiding the use of the snow sprays which can aggravate the nasal and the sinus passages of people suffering from allergies such as Asthma.
  • Watch out for plant allergens: Poinsettias are one of the most popular holiday decorations, which can trigger allergic skin symptoms upon contact with its leaves. So, keep a tab on the plants which you must have indoors. 
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