Importance of Paediatric Dentist for Proper Upbringing of Your Child

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 14 December 2016 - 5:50 pm IST

Importance of Paediatric Dentist for Proper Upbringing of Your Child

Every parent assigns a high priority to ensure his or her child grows up as physically strong and healthy. As such, they feed their young ones with the right diet and ensure a hygienic environment to facilitate healthy upbringing. However, most Indian parents across the major cities like Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai overlook the aspect of oral health of their kids. Thus, they deprive their children from the benefits of paediatric dentistry. Now, if you think your regular dentist is ideal to safeguard oral health of your kid, you should better upgrade your thoughts. There are many ways in which a paediatric oral health expert can prove helpful to cater to dental needs of children as compared to general dentists.

Special training for paediatric dental experts

A paediatric dentist in Mumbai or for that matter anywhere else, has to complete four years of regular dental course and undergo two more years of additional training and studies. At this advanced level, they have to work only with infants, toddlers and teenagers. In fact, paediatric dentistry training also includes working with children and their special needs. An advantage of paediatric dentistry training is that it teaches the dental experts how to make children feel comfortable while undergoing oral treatments.

Normally, the first set of baby teeth for any child starts erupting from the age of six months. By the time, they are 6 to 7 years old, the permanent set of molars start replacing the initial ones. Thus, if your child does not take proper care of the teeth and the gums along with good oral hygiene, problems like tooth decay and gum infection will crop up. According to statistics, dental caries is the most common oral problem among children all over the world, including India.

Treatments in paedaitric dentistry

Any competent paediatric dental clinic usually provides the following services to ensure sound oral health of your young ones.

  • Recommending proper nutritious diet
  • Preventive oral care with cleansing and fluoride treatments
  • Counselling kids to overcome the bad habit of thumb sucking
  • Filling up caries or tooth cavities
  • Diagnosing and treating common oral conditions like ulcers and short frenulae, etc.

Taking your child to a paediatric dental expert also proves helpful on another aspect of life. It teaches them to be responsible about what they should eat and drink to keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong. When kids receive praises for maintaining clean teeth and disease-free gums, they put in more effort to maintain that level.

Finding a skilled paediatric dentist is not difficult, especially in the ongoing times through Internet. An increasing number of people rely on various online directories to find the best paediatric dentist in Mumbai. In this context, serves as the suitable centre of information. The website provides first-hand reviews and ratings about doctors, hospitals and medical facility centers all over India that are posted by users. It is your ideal online guidebook to seek quality medical help in the country.

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