Infertility Treatments by renowned gynecologist

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 14 September 2015 - 1:42 pm IST

Infertility Treatments in by 

renowned gynecologist


Add together an unhealthy lifestyle and the fast pace of the modern world and you’ve got a lot of health issues that will add up in front of you. Infertility is one of the most common problems affecting young women in India. As soon as a woman crosses over the period of 35 years of her life, the chances of getting pregnant go down gradually. However, the risk of miscarrying a baby tends to go up manifold. This is one of the major reasons why Gynecologists are bringing around a variety of solutions to help couples conceive.

However, Infertility isn’t a condition which cannot be treated. In case you are 35 years of age or above and are unable to conceive a child naturally, it is recommended to seek the guidance of your doctor immediately. This is so because your chances of having a baby tend to decrease with each passing year.

A proper treatment can guarantee you a healthy baby. Since the beginning of the infertility revolution dating back to the late 1970’s a lot of couples have been able to conceive successfully artificially.

In too, Infertility Services have picked up drastically in the last couple of years. With more than a 1000 stillbirths and infertility cases every year, has one of the highest rates of infertility cases as compared to the national average. However, with the advent of proper as well as timely medical care, appropriate prenatal and pre delivery care, fertility treatments and programs such as In Vitro Fertilization and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, the city of Pune is taking a gradual but long waited step towards the field of ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology. Over the past couple of years, the average birth rate in Pune is around 50-56000 babies in a year. However, the infertility rate comes up to be 22 per 1000 babies.

With the coming up of good and experienced Gynecologists around the major areas of cities, the rate of infertility cases have taken a gradual dip. With the elimination of some of the major factors such as problems during ovulation as well as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, doctors have been able to set a new milestone in the field of boosting up the fertility rate of the entire city. 

Experimental techniques are being introduced around by doctors such as Tubal Surgery in case of women whose fallopian tubes are blocked which prevents the egg from being fertilized. In some areas of Pune Gynecologists are approaching Laproscopic Surgery in order to remove the growth of additional endometrial tissue. Apart from this, some of the leading gynecologists in Pune are also looking into the field of genetic disorders at the time of birth in children. The newborns are being screened for signs of anomalies which have highlighted the need for a regular screening of the newborns throughout. 


are of a view that Infertility can often be a traumatic and a difficult topic for couples to discuss and go through. That is one of the major reason for the coming up of hospitals and clinics throughout the city which are even accessible to the weaker sections and the lower middle class families of the society. 

This is the only place where you find patient-centric, good caring & experienced male or female gynecologist

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