Is it Love or Lust?

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 03 December 2014 - 4:29 am IST


Okay, so you met a guy over the weekend and it felt like an almost sudden connection between the two of you! Yes, things like that often happen to most of us over the course of our life. However, this does not mean that we are ready for an emotional engagement. Or is it? This is the question troubling women all over the world these days. It has become increasingly difficult to differentiate love from lust! So, here we are, giving you some tips to distinguish.

Eye Contact says it all:

Do you make frequent or prolonged eye contact with your partner? Or is it more like tender stolen glances? If it’s lust, the main attention is focus on physical intimacy rather than emotional compatibility. People in love indulge in prolonged eye contact with their partner and gaze emotionally at each other.

The games you play:

Partners indulging in lust tend to play more mind games with each other. During the first few weeks, you tend to be more strategic and try ways in order to put forward a good first impression. However, people in love play these games to enhance a more transparent system of communication with each other.

Your Vulnerability Factor:

If it’s just lust, you are going to admit less vulnerability towards each other. This is because we associate vulnerability as a sign of weakness and love to maintain an upper hand during the initial phase. However, if it is love, instead of vulnerability, equality would be the basis of your relationship. Vulnerability recedes in the background and only tends to enhance the emotional part of your relationship.

The Family Card:

Partner indulging in lust are not interested to know about the family and social circles of each other. They are basically more focused on the gratification of their physical needs rather than indulging emotionally with each other. If it is love on the other hand, you will be interested to know more about each other’s families, friends, past and social circles.

How well do you communicate:

Where love dwells, so does Meta communication. Meta Communication is the exploration of each other via interaction. If you are in love, you will be working ahead to make sure that you feel secure and open in each other’s company. However, partners in lust tend to stick towards certain topics as communication does not play a major role in the relationship.

How consistent are you:

If it is love, you will find that your partner is going to stick with you through the thick and thins of your life. He is not going to leave you behind when things get tough or challenging. However, partners in lust are less likely to hang around when life gets tough. This consistency of your relationship is one of the biggest factors that will help you to determine the different between love and lust.

It is possible to have a relationship which contains both love and lust. However, in order to maintain that you need to mature as your relationship grows. Keeping the stimulation and the intimacy alive as your relationship progresses is one of the major ways to have a balanced relationship.


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