Is Your Job Killing You? Signs To Look Out For!

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 02 June 2015 - 10:32 am IST


Stress is emerging one of the silent killers these days. It gives rise to conditions such as heart disease as well as depression which strains both your physical as well as your mental health on an everyday basis. Jobs, with the immense work pressure and the rising demands are emerging to be one of the most potential causes for stress in people. So, if you think that you are overworked and need a break, then look for these signs, for your job may be taking a toll on your health.

  • Overworked, Overstressed: You are working right from the moment your start till the end of the day! Also, you do not have any say in the decision making policies and you are always working as per someone’s demands. These are the kinds of high demand and low control jobs, which contribute towards causing stress to people.
  • Increased Frustration: You feel like you are not getting the much needed credit for your job! With a lot of hard work that you are putting in, you do not need the much needed recognition for it. These are one of the major causes for stress in people who are goal oriented and want to climb up the success ladder.
  • Dealing with issues and people: If your job involves dealing with angry customers and demanding people, you could be undergoing with something called; emotional labour’. The chances of feeling demoralized are very high and they are a great contributing factor towards creating stress in working professionals.
  • A Technical Prisoner: Thanks to the technology of today, you are available to your organization 24 x 7. You have to be answerable during the weekends and the holidays as well, which is adding to your stress levels. Techno stress is one of the gnawing issues which are leading to mental and physical stress and does not allows the people to focus on anything except for their work issues.
  • Burning Out: You feel exhausted from your current job! Due to the surmounting work related stress, you are experiencing a burnout and are not able to concentrate on your work as well as your normal life as well.
  • Targets and Bullying: Your superiors bully you and provide you with deadlines which are almost impossible to reach. Bullying in front of other colleagues can be very demeaning and could lead to the loss of the self respect of one person. Being a victim of this, can lead to add to your frustration and can cause great harm!

If you are encountering any or most of these signs, then yes, your job is killing you. This is not with the level of the work, but with the stress that comes along with it. The best option is to either discuss these problems with your boss and find a solution out of it, or look for a job which gives you a breathing space of your own.

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