Missing Menstrual Periods

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 15 September 2015 - 10:46 am IST

Reasons behind Missing Periods

A missed period can emerge out to be one of the biggest threats for a woman. The only option which comes to the mind of a woman is that she is pregnant. No doubt that pregnancy is one of the biggest options why a woman misses her period, there are some options are also behind the missing periods. Take a look at some of them:

  • Stress: Stress tends to have a major impact on everything that we do. Due to the excessive stress, there is a decrease in the amount of the hormone GnRH in the body which leads the women to menstruate and ovulation.
  • Illness: A sudden illness can emerge as one of the reasons for the delay in the periods. This is one of the temporary reasons for the missing of the periods.
  • Change in the schedules: When you abruptly change the schedule, it throws off the body’s clock out of sync suddenly. With the change in the schedules and the shifts, a person’s body clock can fall out of sync and can lead to the missing of the periods.
  • Medications: When you are trying a new medication or a medicine is being delayed, it too can lead to the missing of the periods. This is very common for people who use birth control pills regularly.
  • Over weight: When a person carries around too much of weight, it can cause the missing of the periods.
  • Underweight: If a person is underweight, then too there is a great chance of missing the periods. This condition is known as amenorrhea. With the gaining back of the normal weight, the periods tend to return back to the normal.
  • Miscalculations: The menstrual cycles of women differ from one person to the other. The average cycle lasts for around 28 days, but that does not hold true in all the cases. Due to miscalculations, sometimes, a person tends to miss the period.
  • Peri Menopause: This is the phase of the woman’s life when she is transitioning from a reproductive age to a non reproductive one. In this condition, the periods tend to lighter, heavier as well as less frequent.
  • Menopause: This happens when a woman reaches a condition when she cannot ovulate any more. This is a natural procedure which happens with time.
  • Pregnancy: This is the harbinger of happy news. A simple home test can be done in order to determine if you are pregnant or not! Urine pregnancy tests as well as blood pregnancy tests are the best used for determining pregnancy in women! 
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