Napping Like a Pregnant Pro!

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 09 March 2015 - 11:46 am IST

Bed rest during the final weeks of the pregnancy can be hard for the mother to be, both emotionally as well as physically.

There are many challenges which stand in the way of a pregnant woman to gain a good night’s sleep. Spending weeks and months in the bed can cause a lot of havoc on your natural sleeping and waking up cycle. Here are some basic and simple steps in order to keep your body rhythm on the right track during the course of your pregnancy.

  • Maintaining a normal day and night routine: Though you will be spending most of your day in the bed, it is recommended to keep in touch with the normal daytime activities such as taking a shower in the morning or dressing in your daytime clothes.
  • Get some sunlight: In case you are able to move, it is recommended to move your chair or your bed close to a window so that you can enjoy the daytime sunlight. It will not only boost your spirits, but also will keep your internal clock on check.
  • Creating a daytime schedule: Maintain an everyday daytime routine such as reading the newspaper in the day or to watch a movie. Make sure that you are able to follow your schedule as closely as you can.
  • Nap, but not too much: Bed rest is very important for pregnant women. So, go ahead and nap during your daytime. However, fix some scheduled time for it and if you are snoozing late into the day, it would be very hard to sleep during the night time.
  • Eat meals at the same time: Having meals at the same time everyday is going to go a long way and make sure that you can keep your body on a schedule. Ask your friends to stop by and to join you for meals from time to time. 
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