Natural versus Professional Teeth Whitening - Which is a Better Option?

By Refadoc, Posted on : Saturday, 10 December 2016 - 6:13 pm IST

Natural versus Professional Teeth Whitening - Which is a Better Option?

Everyone has an urge to have a glowing and shining smile. But, the question is how? Well, to answer that, we all know that teeth whitening is a widely accepted cosmetic treatment for the purpose. Various reputed clinics in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities of India, provide the treatment to the seeking patients. However, whitening your teeth is not confined to professional ways but there are also natural ways for the purpose. You can also enhance your tooth color naturally by adapting some beneficial home remedies. Stay glued and keep reading to know better whitening approach for your molars. 

Natural ways to whiten your teeth 

Before you plan to visit the best dental clinic in Chennai for a brighter smile, go through some of the natural remedies to choose as an alternative:

  • Include strawberries in your diet: Although you are advised to brush your teeth after meals, yet it is not always possible. You can make the process of whitening delicious, by adding strawberries for dessert. The red fruit is rich in folate that acts as a natural exfoliater to clean your teeth. Regular intake of strawberries can naturally improve your tooth color.
  • Avoid too much brushing: Though coffee stains, red wine and tea leave dark stains on your teeth, brushing too hard to remove them can have adverse effects. Clean your molars by brushing gently with mild fluoride toothpaste to remove plaque and food remains. You can also try using color changing toothpaste that shows the exact location of the settled plaque and bacteria.
  • Try rinsing with coconut oil: Yes, this natural oil can benefit your oral health dramatically. Adapt the habit of swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 10 minutes. It works as an anti-bacterial agent that reduces stain marks from your tooth surface and also decreases bacteria in the mouth that leads to bad breath.
  • Concume cheese: Eat a piece of cheese after meals to maintain the acidic pH balance in your mouth. Simply include cheese in your daily diet to control staining with coffee, tea, and white or red wine. 

The professional approach 

Apart from natural tips on whitening your teeth, you can also go for the professional technique. The cosmetic treatment of whitening basically involves two effective ways for a brighter smile. The first one is in-office whitening in which the dentist will carry out the treatment by using customized mouth trays and high concentrated bleaching gels. The second option is at-home technique that enables you to whiten your teeth yourself with the provided teeth whitening kit. It is convenient but takes more time for the desired result, as compared to former approach. You can choose any of the discussed process based on your requirement. 

In case you have already tried the natural remedies and it didn’t work out, get an appointment with a dentist in Chennai. If not naturally, you can ensure an appealing smile and appearance with the authentic professional technique.

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